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Evil Reigned Last Night

June 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Our old friend, dweaver999, wrote this tribute to the mass murder of LGBT people at a place they considered a safe space in Orlando, FL. Thank you, Dave. We miss you and your posts!

I wrote this shortly after Orlando to try to cope with my feelings


Evil reigned last night
People danced
People laughed
People loved
Unaware of what was coming

Evil reigned last night
Hatred filled his soul
Bullets filled his gun
He descended on heaven
Turning it into hell

Evil reigned last night
“Who is that, what does he have?”
Bang! Bang! Bang!
“Help, I don’t want to die!”
“No, please no, don’t…”

Evil reigned last night
[He has a gun]
[I’m hiding]
[Oh God, he’s here]

No texts follow

Evil reigned last night
“This way! Out the back.”
Brave souls try to help
Some escape, some don’t.
“What more could we have done?”

Evil reigned last night
50 children lie dead
100 parents will bury their child
Two parents will wonder why
“How could our child kill?”

Evil reigned last night
Rescuers search for the living
Among ringing cell phones, unanswered
Among the crying of the survivors
Their tears threatening to blind them

Evil reigned last night
50 strangers have died
My heart lies in tatters
My tears run freely
I grieve for those I will never know

Evil reigns tonight
[the shooter was a hero]
[it was God’s will]
[good, the fags are dead]
Tweets the Devil

Evil reigns tonight
I am filled with rage
My vision is red
My mind can’t fathom
Celebrating evil this way

Evil reigns tonight
Fear wishes to overwhelm us
Hatred tries to consume us
Suspicion threatens to destroy us
Dear God, protect us from ourselves

Evil will fall tomorrow
I will draw my line in the sand
I will not be silent again
I will speak for the oppressed
I will defend the victimized

Evil will fall tomorrow
For I am a good man
I will not be silent
I will not let evil triumph

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Madlenka Borde: The Noah Story

May 25th, 2014 Comments off

So, I’m working on something new. It’s barely a glimmer in my mind’s eye, right now. It may never go beyond character development. This much I know: Madlenka Borde (Maddie for short, but very sparingly) is a 35-year-old woman who can communicate with the dead. She works with the NYPD (it was originally going to take place in Texas, but then I realized Madlenka would never live in Texas) on particularly violent murder cases because those ghosts usually want her help. Her partner’s name is Charlie. He’s not a medium, and they will never be a couple. Madlenka just doesn’t think of Charlie that way. This is an excerpt that will forever be known as “The Noah Story”. Enjoy!

“Yeah. Horatio happily refused to help, and for whatever reason, Gloria felt she couldn’t. So they left.”

“Like, didn’t have the ability?”

“No. Wasn’t allowed.”

“Huh. Weird. I mean, she’s dead. What could he possibly do to her now?” Read more…

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Punishment and an Ominous Chain

August 17th, 2010 4 comments

I got in trouble today.  Apparently, there is such a thing as “too much joking around”.  Who knew?

I shouldn’t be so glib.  I did learn a valuable lesson today, even if, on the surface, it sounds a little silly.  But my way of dealing with just about everything is tomfoolery and jokes.

What happened:

M grabs my boobs a lot.  Like… a lot, a lot.

I mean, I’ve always had oversensitive nipples, but since I’ve been with Him, they’re like… permanently hard, and the breeze makes me want to cum in my panties.  That I’m not wearing.  ANYway… Read more…

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

January 21st, 2010 5 comments

I wasn’t kidding when I said the only thing Master and I fight about these days is how much He works.  I know that, for the most part, it’s beyond His control.  I know that He doesn’t want to be working this much.  And I know it could be far, far worse.  He could be doing all those hours in the office.  Or He could be without a job.  But to be honest, it’s come to a point where knowing those things ceases being consolation.

I honestly would rather live on the street than have Him continue to live this way.  And I’ve lived on the street before, so I know exactly what I’m saying.

After Master suggested I write about how His job affects our relationship, I mentioned it to Cin and she said, “That should be lengthy.”  I guess I bitch just as much as I think I do about His job and how much it sucks.  But I responded, “And here I was thinking I had nothing to say.”

I can sum it up in four words.  His job touches everything.

I’m on my computer all day, every day when I’m not doing chores because He works all day, every day.  And as much as I’d love to say that when He’s working from home, I can sit at His feet all day and give Him massages and blow jobs and hand jobs and… The fact of the matter is, if I were to do that, He’d get nothing done.  Not to mention He’s on the phone more than anyone I’ve ever known.  Moaning and such in the middle of a conference call would certainly get Him fired.

Hmm… Now that’s an idea.

Master’s nonstop work schedule seriously fucks with Him.  He’s tired all the time.  He has no energy.  He almost never leaves the house.  He doesn’t have time to do the things He used to do to help make His mind stop or, at the very least, slow down, which means He’s constantly stressed out.  Spending so much time indoors lowers His immune system, so He’s been sick, lately, more than He has since I met Him.  Working so many overnights has His sleep schedule completely screwed up which exacerbates His already low energy level and iffy mental state.

Master’s got a few mental issues as well.  Who doesn’t, these days, you know? His are mostly anxiety related, though occasionally He dips into depression.  Usually when we’re having money problems or His sleep schedule is out of whack.  Read more…

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500 Words – Mrs. Wilkins Smith: She found the safe.

August 23rd, 2009 Comments off

500wordsIcon“I cannot deal with these fucking holy rollers!” Wilkins Senior screamed at Marlene.  “Get them the fuck out of my house.  What ever made you think I’d accept them here?”

Marlene chuckled.  “Listen to you trying to sound all educated.  Why don’t you go hang with your bar buddies and leave me alone for once?”

“Marlene, I’ll give you five minutes.  Don’t make me embarrass you in front of your lady friends.”

“Oh… You mean, you haven’t already?”

The back of Wilkins’s hand rushed toward her face and connected with her cheek before she could duck out of the way.  It was just as well.  Missing would only infuriate him further.

Marlene met his eyes.  Hers were watery and dark, but steady.  Her voice was clear and firm.  “Never in front of outsiders, Wil.  Are you an idiot? Are you looking for trouble?”

One of her friends had already made for the phone in the kitchen.  Marlene’s pleading eyes lifted in the woman’s direction.  “Annabelle.”

“I’m sorry, Marlene.  No more.”  The woman began to dial. Read more…

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500 Words: More?

July 26th, 2009 Comments off

500wordsIconAuthor’s Note: This is way over 500 words.  Oh well.

You stare at her shape in the darkness.  The gentle rise and fall of her shoulders as she breathes in the cool night air.  And then she turns to face you.  And almost without thinking, your mouth finds her nipple.

She moans.

Your cock stirs.

Suddenly you’re on top of her.  Pushing her legs apart with your own.  Impaling her.

Eyelids flutter open and search for your face.  You can barely see the movement in the pitch black room.

Hands, like silk, tease the flesh of your back.  Moans, soft and sweet, tease your throat.

That slick, wanton hole milks your cock for all it’s worth as hips meet pelvis again and again.

Her tongue dances along the heat of your chest.  Tangles in your hair.  Tastes your skin.

And finally, as quickly as you started it, you finish it.  Pleasure rips through your body as your lips meet hers.  Primal need fills the air as the intensity of her moans match the intensity of your orgasm stroke for stroke.  And then you are finished.  And you lay beside her and order her to cum.

She wastes no time.  Fingers find the hardened bud trapped in so much hot, wet flesh and begin manipulating it to her will.  And then, she cums.  Loud and long and trembling as she turns toward you and nuzzles her face into your arm.

You both drift off to sleep between touches and pinches and caresses. Read more…

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