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#ItAllComesDownToZombies: Part 1 Is Published!

June 28th, 2016 1 comment

Currently available on Kindle Unlimited. Free for all Kindle users until July 3!

Check it out! I did the damn thing!

After spending a horrific night holed up in her walk-in closet with her husband, Max, and their cat, Sylvester, Sarah finds herself ditched by the both of them in front of the rubble that once was their home. As if things couldn’t get any worse, a pickup truck comes rambling around the corner driven by none other than Sarah’s ex-husband, Jimmy.

With no home to speak of, and against her better judgment, Sarah takes Jimmy up on his offer of a ride. And just for fun, the zombies close in on them as they pull away. There’s definitely something unusual going on here, but who knows what? Follow Sarah and Jimmy on their hunt for Sarah’s husband and her family in what can only be described as a harrowing adventure. It all comes down to zombies in the end.

I’ve published the first edition in a series of short stories I’ve been working on called It All Comes Down To Zombies! And I’ve already sold one copy! (Thanks, Mom!)

I’m kinda freaking out because that’s what I do. I freak out about everything.

So check it out. I’d really love it if you’d review it. I’ll send you a free copy if you’re interested. Drop me an email (rayne @ insatiabledesire DOT com), leave a comment here, @ me on Twitter (@RayneMillaray), whatever. Thank you so much!

Evil Reigned Last Night

June 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Our old friend, dweaver999, wrote this tribute to the mass murder of LGBT people at a place they considered a safe space in Orlando, FL. Thank you, Dave. We miss you and your posts!

I wrote this shortly after Orlando to try to cope with my feelings


Evil reigned last night
People danced
People laughed
People loved
Unaware of what was coming

Evil reigned last night
Hatred filled his soul
Bullets filled his gun
He descended on heaven
Turning it into hell

Evil reigned last night
“Who is that, what does he have?”
Bang! Bang! Bang!
“Help, I don’t want to die!”
“No, please no, don’t…”

Evil reigned last night
[He has a gun]
[I’m hiding]
[Oh God, he’s here]

No texts follow

Evil reigned last night
“This way! Out the back.”
Brave souls try to help
Some escape, some don’t.
“What more could we have done?”

Evil reigned last night
50 children lie dead
100 parents will bury their child
Two parents will wonder why
“How could our child kill?”

Evil reigned last night
Rescuers search for the living
Among ringing cell phones, unanswered
Among the crying of the survivors
Their tears threatening to blind them

Evil reigned last night
50 strangers have died
My heart lies in tatters
My tears run freely
I grieve for those I will never know

Evil reigns tonight
[the shooter was a hero]
[it was God’s will]
[good, the fags are dead]
Tweets the Devil

Evil reigns tonight
I am filled with rage
My vision is red
My mind can’t fathom
Celebrating evil this way

Evil reigns tonight
Fear wishes to overwhelm us
Hatred tries to consume us
Suspicion threatens to destroy us
Dear God, protect us from ourselves

Evil will fall tomorrow
I will draw my line in the sand
I will not be silent again
I will speak for the oppressed
I will defend the victimized

Evil will fall tomorrow
For I am a good man
I will not be silent
I will not let evil triumph

Not E.L. James’ Christian Grey

December 28th, 2015 Comments off

Marcus Johnson was rich. We’re talking private planes (yes, plural), a summer house in the Hamptons, and monthly trips to Saint-Tropez ‘just because’. He didn’t really have to work anymore. He’d long since reduced his salary for the companies he CEOed to just $1. Since then, his investments had consistently increased his savings by a minimum of 350 percent every year.

Marcus introduced himself to women as the “real life Christian Grey…without any of that abusive crap” at parties. He always got a chuckle out of it, and sometimes even got the girl’s number, but ultimately, it was his reputation as a gentleman dominant that got him in the door.

It’s no wonder Melissa thought it was a joke when she saw his name in her inbox.

“Dear Miss,” the email began. “My name is Isabelle Morin. I’m the private personal assistant of Mr. Marcus Johnson. I’m sure you’ve heard of him.

“To check my credentials, simply call his office and ask to speak to Mrs. Robinson. There is no Mrs. Robinson. It’s code to forward your call to Mr. Johnson’s private line immediately. Read more…

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Madlenka Borde: The Noah Story

May 25th, 2014 Comments off

So, I’m working on something new. It’s barely a glimmer in my mind’s eye, right now. It may never go beyond character development. This much I know: Madlenka Borde (Maddie for short, but very sparingly) is a 35-year-old woman who can communicate with the dead. She works with the NYPD (it was originally going to take place in Texas, but then I realized Madlenka would never live in Texas) on particularly violent murder cases because those ghosts usually want her help. Her partner’s name is Charlie. He’s not a medium, and they will never be a couple. Madlenka just doesn’t think of Charlie that way. This is an excerpt that will forever be known as “The Noah Story”. Enjoy!

“Yeah. Horatio happily refused to help, and for whatever reason, Gloria felt she couldn’t. So they left.”

“Like, didn’t have the ability?”

“No. Wasn’t allowed.”

“Huh. Weird. I mean, she’s dead. What could he possibly do to her now?” Read more…

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His Wife’s Partner In Crime – Erotica

September 24th, 2013 Comments off
Princess Donna Dolore from

Princess Donna Dolore from Kink

She picked up the phone on the third ring. Her voice, smooth as caramel, tickled his eardrum. He’d pay this woman to just talk to him all night if she did that sort of thing. Alas, she did not. For her, it was a date, sex, and out the door. And even that cost a mint. But money wasn’t an issue, here. In fact, what he was about to ask her for was going to cost him a whole lot more. The thought made his dick hard.

“What do you want?”

Her question broke through his thoughts.

“Don’t keep me waiting, worm. Tell me what you want. I haven’t got all day.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he breathed into the phone. “A little bit of your time is what I want.”

“Right then. Don’t you think I know that? Tell me what exactly you want, or I’ll hang up right now, and you won’t hear from me again until I feel like talking to you.”

Ah, there it was. An ultimatum from a demanding, powerful woman. He stroked his cock through his trousers, and imagined what she’d look like.  Read more…

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Wham Bam Buzz: A Tantus-themed Play Session

August 6th, 2013 1 comment

TantusThis is a little bit of fiction mixed in with something that actually happened. I don’t think the Tantus Buzz arrived the day M went to the track, and I don’t remember if we had a Tantus-themed play session when I tried Buzz for the first time. But we have had Tantus-themed sessions—it’s hard not to when you own as much Tantus as we do—and I’m sure we will again. So let’s call it “artistic license” and mark it fiction, shall we?

Her spirits deflated a little when she heard the car horn signalling his return from the track. She was glad he was home, but she was sat on the toilet rather than kneeling in the living room as she’d planned. The key hit the lock and the door flung open while she was washing her hands.

“Daddy’s home, kitties!” she exclaimed to the whole house, as if she didn’t know the cats were already attacking his legs with love.

“Hey! Did you not hear the mailman? You’ve got a box out here on the porch. My hands are full.”

She squealed with delight and ran to scoop up the package. She knew it was coming, but she only had a cursory knowledge of what was in the box. When the sender let her know it was in the mail, she requested that they not tell her what it was.  Read more…

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