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DVD Review: Hollywood Sex Wars by Big Primpin Productions

November 15th, 2011 Comments off

Get Laid or Get Played

Ooo, what’s that?

Okay, so you’re not going to believe me, but I was asked to review a movie. Yeah, a movie.

It’s called Hollywood Sex Wars and it’s written and directed by Paul Sapiano, who also did The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down. Sapiano is also currently working on The Boys & Girls Guide to Marijuana, which I’d actually heard of before I was sent this DVD, and Brazilian Rules, which Sapiano calls his “sports/action/street soccer script”. (I must admit, I giggled incessantly while reading Sapiano’s interview. He is, in a word, hilarious.)  Read more…

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Porn Review: Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out! directed by Courtney Trouble

December 21st, 2009 Comments off

Good Releasing Presents Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out by Courtney Trouble at GoodVibes.comOoo, what’s that?

That? That’s my first queer porn.  My first gonzo.  And a lot of firsts for the people on screen, as well! It’s Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming out! produced by Reel Queer Productions and directed by Courtney Trouble.

Who’s in it?

Well, obviously Courtney Trouble.  Then you’ve got Sophia, Tina Horn, Sarah Lee Sinful, Joline, Jae and Puck Goodfellow.

What? Don’t recognize some of those names? That’s because a couple have never been in porn and a couple more have never been in queer porn.

What’s the description say?

From the back:

Reality porn is coming out of the closet in this first-ever gonzo queer film.  Award-winning director Courtney Trouble invites seven diverse, fresh-faced performers to a kinky slumber party for fun and games… only tonight there are no rules, no limits and no bedtime! The amateur cast picks their own partners, their own sex toys and their own ways of getting off.  Spin the Bottle inspires an unscripted fuck-fest and first-time fantasies come true during a Truth or Dare strap-on sex scene.  With honest video confessions, 9 sex scenes, authentic orgasms and natural bodies, Seven Minutes in Heaven is the real queer deal.

So? What’d they do? Read more…