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And off we go…

February 1st, 2017 Comments off

I pretty much failed at my January goals. I’m not even a little bit upset about it, which tells me a lot about my relationship with this site that I wasn’t ready to face until now.

Not making 30 minutes on the elliptical wasn’t completely my fault, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it. The elliptical broke and it took us a week or so to get it to work again. And then we got sick, so we stopped doing it while we got better. I’m not upset about it. Shit happens. It was an optimistic goal, anyway. When I made it, I didn’t realize just how out of shape I’d gotten.

I’m not giving up. In fact, I’m feeling better, so I’m going to get on the elliptical later today, and hope to get back to my three days on, one day off schedule this month. I have a purpose, now, that I didn’t have in the beginning of January. I realized that climbing the hills on the local DEC land is making me feel way shittier than it should, and so I’m hoping that by Spring, I’ll be in better shape, and feel good after a hike, like I used to. I can’t wait to get back into nature. Read more…

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Site News: The Coming Year, Resolutions, and New Blog Features

November 20th, 2014 3 comments

EXTRA NEWSiStock_000017765581SmallSo…

I hate doing this because if I say I’m going to do something here, you can pretty much guarantee I’m not going to do it.

In my defense, the things I’ve said I was going to do and then stopped doing them were giant flops1. Like the Get Fit series and the summaries of my writing elsewhere. Nobody read those things. No, really. Don’t make me pull out my stats to prove it. The numbers are embarrassing. But hey! At least I know my readers don’t really care if I’m fat for the rest of my life. That’s refreshing. Thanks, y’all!

So I figure no sense flogging a dead horse, ya know?

I usually don’t make New Year resolutions for just this reason. I know I’m not going to do it unless I’m really super passionate about it. And let me tell you…I don’t know how you fitness freaks can get really super passionate about exercising just to exercise and starving yourself of the most delicious foods on Earth. I really don’t.

But that’s okay. You probably have no idea how I got so passionate about being a slave (unless you are one, and in that case ~winky face~ you know). So we’re even. Read more…

My family’s gonna be here tomorrow! Hiatus and stuff.

August 8th, 2014 2 comments

Hey, y’all! I swear I’m not ignoring you. I miss you. I would love to be writing. But shit keeps happening, and I’m feeling kinda selfish with my thoughts right now, and so I’m kinda laying low.

Tomorrow, my sister, her fiancé, my niece, and my mom are coming up and we’re renting a house for a week near Saratoga Springs. The idea is to hang out and do family stuff around the area, and then put the baby (who’s not so much a baby, anymore…she’ll be 8 this year!) to bed, get out the adult drinks and games, and be adults in a way we have never been able to be because they live down there, and I live up here, and they usually have to stay at a hotel when they come here.

The hope is that M’s job doesn’t completely ruin it. That he can actually enjoy this time off. We’ll see how it goes. That project I mentioned is still going on, though they did manage to make the deadline. How awesome is that?

However, they’ve already basically taken away two days because someone else wanted time off, and somehow this is fair in everyone else’s mind but mine.

Anywho, I’m not going to be around much (probably) for the next week or so. I’m bringing my laptop and gadgets with me, but I don’t know how much I’ll use them. I mean, there’s a hot tub. And woods to explore. And family I haven’t seen in a while. And…yeah.

So anyway…I’ll be back! ~she says in her best Arnold impression~ I promise!


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***Attention Readers: Comment Moderation

January 23rd, 2011 Comments off

Hi guys!

So… I’m a bonehead. No, really.

A while back, while drunk and tired, I accidentally approved a bunch of spam comments on Insatiable Desire. Thanks to this bonehead move, the site’s letting a bunch of spammers through. So to prevent this, we’re going to moderate comments for a little while till we can get it fixed.

Trust that all valid comments will be let through no matter what they say. We are not moderating to censor negativity, and never will. We actually enjoy talking to people who don’t agree with us, or object to our lifestyle. If only so we can make an attempt to help them understand why we feel it’s a good choice for us.

In any case, I’m writing this to let you know that if your comment doesn’t show up immediately, we got it. We just haven’t gone through and approved it, yet. This goes for contest comments, too.


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Rayne’s got another jobby job, and the state of the posting schedule

January 18th, 2011 2 comments

I know. Believe me, I know. I’m bugging out about it.

I promised I’d get the posting schedule back to normal after the holidays. And I will. If it kills me.

But here’s the thing…

I’ve got another new job!

I started yesterday. It’s gonna be about 20 hours a week, and it’s from home, and it’s stupid easy. It’s just taking me a minute to get a handle on it.

So bear with me. I swear I’ll be babbling your ears off again real soon.


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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2010 Comments off

Photo by: Melen (Yes, OUR Melen! Isn't he awesome?)

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope yours is as awesome as our’s is gonna be!

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