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Getting Fit: Series Reset – Week 1

September 2nd, 2011 Comments off

It’s not really week one. It’s technically something like month three. But for the purposes of this series, and because we’re once again upping the ante, it’s week one.

The Physical:

We bought an elliptical. Jesus Christ, do my thighs hurt.

Starting today, our new exercise regime, as per Master, is at least ten minutes of the elliptical (until we get used to it – We figure it’s better to start slow and minimize the risk of injury.) in the morning before work, and a walk at lunch. Generally speaking, we have lunch at our desk when we get home. It’s really hard to eat and type. I usually spend that time working on something I can just read. Read more…

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Getting Fit: Weeks… Oh, who’s counting, anymore?

December 9th, 2010 Comments off

I’m cleaning much more than I ever have, except when I moved into my first apartment, and bleached the walls, bathroom, kitchen and doorknobs daily because my ex was a scumbag, and I was afraid he’d bring home some sickness to me or the kids.  Cara will try to eat just about anything that looks tasty on the carpet.  Bird feathers, gerbil bedding, nut shells, my hair… So I try to sweep as often as possible.  Our vacuum shit the bed, and even if it hadn’t, it didn’t pick up the gerbil bedding off this floor anyway.  I’m gonna have to see if I can’t find one that does.

We pretty much stop leaving the house as much as humanly possible in the winter.  M’s just a big baby, who should be used to the weather, having lived up here all his life, but me? I may not have been born in the south, but I spent the first twenty years of my life there, and there is just no getting used to this cold.  I want to go somewhere that has four seasons, but never gets colder than, oh… 40°, thereabouts.

HOWEVER!  Read more…

Getting Fit: Week 8, 9, and 10

September 30th, 2010 Comments off

So… Let’s see…

As you can see, I’m sucking at remembering to write these.  I get so busy with the rest of my responsibilities that fall at the end of the week that I let this one fall by the wayside.  Maybe I should change the day I post it.  We’ll see.

I’ve been trying to make small goals for myself, but it’s not really working out like I’d hoped.  That’s totally my fault.  They’ve been really small, and I’ve mostly just blown them off. Read more…

Getting Fit: Weeks 6 & 7

September 9th, 2010 Comments off

This is how I feel, sometimes. Old sports trophies included.

So… Uh… I forgot this last week.  Totally forgot.  And when I remembered on Saturday, I didn’t feel like working, so I said, “Fuck it.” and left it alone.

I guess that tells you what kind of week it was.

I think we walked twice? Maybe?

My period’s two weeks late, so I’m hella grumpy.  No, I’m not pregnant.  (I hope!) This just happens sometimes.  Once or twice a year, usually, but for a while there, I was having a pretty normal run.  And when it’s late, I’m always extra grumpy.  As if how grumpy I am already isn’t enough.  Read more…

Getting Fit – Week 5

August 26th, 2010 Comments off

The other day, M said there’s a ton of shit He does to maintain my mental health issues and/or keep me from getting upset with myself over them.  And it was a pretty solid wake-up call.  So I’m in the process of looking around for mind exercises that won’t bore me to death, or cost me anything to do.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated.

As much as I make fun of Cin for how much she organizes and re-organizes her days, and her computers, and everything else, I’ve been going crazy trying to keep this laptop organized.  However, unlike Cin, I started this Macbook out the way I want it, and I’m gonna keep it the way I want it, and I’m hoping that’ll do wonders for keeping me on task.  And also unlike Cin, I’m not gonna just suddenly decide I need to use different organization tactics, and reorganize the whole damn thing.  And finally, unlike Cin, I’m not gonna make redundant lists and spreadsheets all over the place.  (Don’t worry.  Cin knows I love her, and I’m mostly teasing.  Mostly.Read more…

Getting Fit – Week 4

August 19th, 2010 2 comments

So as you know, I got in trouble this week.  M punished me.  And things went back to normal.  Sort of.

I think He intentionally touches my boobs more now.  O.o

He’s definitely trying to maintain the master role and not let me slide.  Which, right now, isn’t so difficult, what with that chain still hanging there, and my boobs being covered in bruises and welts (That are already healing.  I told Him He should have taken pictures! It’ll be months before He’s able to mark me like that again.), and the punishment still fresh in my mind.

He got a new laptop from work, and gave me His old one, so I’m envisioning crisp fall mornings on the balcony, both of us with hot apple cider, or cocoa, or coffee, while we tap-tap-tap away at work.  Wearing jeans and sweaters and maybe even wrapped up in blankets.  I plan on insisting.  Not that that means anything.  Read more…