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#SunnySunday #TrumpRegrets #VotersRemorse

January 29th, 2017 Comments off

These three Twitter accounts are giving me life right now:

Handle: @Trump_Regrets
Bio: Retweeting everyone who regrets voting for Trump. DM if you want your tweet taken off.
Joined: November 2016

Handle: @trumpbigregrets
Bio: Bigly regret voting for @realDonaldTrump? Looking for a little schadenfreude? Follow, retweet & maybe offer some hugs. #trumpregrets #trumpgrets #VotersRemorse
Joined: December 2016

Handle: @realTrumpgrets
Bio: I regret voting for Trump. Now all I can do is fight back against his lies. He said he would drain the swamp, not overflow it!
Joined: December 2013

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#SunnySunday Ballet Slippers

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#SunnySunday That Makeup Though

January 15th, 2017 Comments off

As I mentioned before, I’m learning to do my makeup. I used to only wear black eyeliner, black mascara, and champagne-ish eyeshadow. No foundation, no lipstick or gloss, no blush…nada.

In this picture, I’m wearing BB cream, blush, highlighter, contour, brown glitter eyeliner, brown and cream eyeshadow (that you can’t really see because my brow bone ate my eyelids), black/brown mascara, and my new favorite red lipstick that made me realize that the reason I hate the way I look in red lipstick is because I hadn’t found a shade I liked (plus some magic that makes your makeup stay in place). That one is Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Backstage 035, and it’s glorious. Stays put. Doesn’t completely dry my lips. Looks amazing on me.

I need to pick up concealer, and try some actual foundations, but I’m really in love with the BB cream I’ve been using, too. Matches my skin perfectly and makes it look almost flawless.

Can you tell I’m having fun with this?

Who the fuck am I and what did I do with the real me?

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#SunnySunday Rope and 17 Minutes

January 8th, 2017 Comments off

M wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so he took a long bath. While he was in the tub, I set my timer, put Halestorm on shuffle, and got on the elliptical.

When my fifteen minutes were up, my feet were sore, but not like they usually are, so I decided to go to the end of the song. Ended up putting me at 17 minutes. Probably a little over, because the song was three minutes and 37 seconds long, and it came on at about 14 minutes. So tomorrow the timer gets set to 17 minutes. Maybe I’ll make this goal after all.

When M got out of the bath, he ordered me into the shower, and told me to put on some makeup when I got out.

This makeup thing is really weird, but I’m having fun. He’s never cared if I wore makeup before. Red lipstick and nail polish now and again, but that’s it. Now that I have a bunch of makeup, thanks to a friend who sent me a giant box of makeup around Christmas, it’s, like, a thing.

“Go put on some makeup so I can ruin it.”

I know this is a known fetish, as fetishes go, it’s just not one he’s really expressed before.

I know wearing makeup is considered “looking one’s best” in some circles, but I don’t really buy into that. Never really have. Plus, I don’t feel like I look my best when I’m wearing makeup. Not all the time, anyway. Sometimes it looks downright awful.

Turns out, that’s because I have no idea how to put it on. Imagine that.


He’s ALSO been tying me up more. This is not really a thing he’s ever done much of. Mostly, it’s been leather (or Vondage, as the case may be) bondage. Cuffs and locks.

I really like rope. Really, really. Like, a lot. Is making me soooo happy. =D

When you open a gift from a friend and know instantly that they get you.

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#SunnySunday WHO I’M VOTING FOR… (Prince Ea) #VoteLoving

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#SunnySunday I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. (Prince Ea)

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