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Evil Reigned Last Night

June 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Our old friend, dweaver999, wrote this tribute to the mass murder of LGBT people at a place they considered a safe space in Orlando, FL. Thank you, Dave. We miss you and your posts!

I wrote this shortly after Orlando to try to cope with my feelings


Evil reigned last night
People danced
People laughed
People loved
Unaware of what was coming

Evil reigned last night
Hatred filled his soul
Bullets filled his gun
He descended on heaven
Turning it into hell

Evil reigned last night
“Who is that, what does he have?”
Bang! Bang! Bang!
“Help, I don’t want to die!”
“No, please no, don’t…”

Evil reigned last night
[He has a gun]
[I’m hiding]
[Oh God, he’s here]

No texts follow

Evil reigned last night
“This way! Out the back.”
Brave souls try to help
Some escape, some don’t.
“What more could we have done?”

Evil reigned last night
50 children lie dead
100 parents will bury their child
Two parents will wonder why
“How could our child kill?”

Evil reigned last night
Rescuers search for the living
Among ringing cell phones, unanswered
Among the crying of the survivors
Their tears threatening to blind them

Evil reigned last night
50 strangers have died
My heart lies in tatters
My tears run freely
I grieve for those I will never know

Evil reigns tonight
[the shooter was a hero]
[it was God’s will]
[good, the fags are dead]
Tweets the Devil

Evil reigns tonight
I am filled with rage
My vision is red
My mind can’t fathom
Celebrating evil this way

Evil reigns tonight
Fear wishes to overwhelm us
Hatred tries to consume us
Suspicion threatens to destroy us
Dear God, protect us from ourselves

Evil will fall tomorrow
I will draw my line in the sand
I will not be silent again
I will speak for the oppressed
I will defend the victimized

Evil will fall tomorrow
For I am a good man
I will not be silent
I will not let evil triumph

30 Days of Kink: “Anonymous” Defines Their Kinky Self

June 12th, 2014 Comments off

30 Days of KinkFor the Cheer Melen Up Without Hurting His Back Giveaway, we offered bonus entries for the social media prize to people who defined their kinky selves for the 30 Days of Kink project. Here’s an anonymous entry we received. We love it.

Discovering my kinky self is going hand in hand with discovering my sexual self. In fact, a big part of discovering my sexuality has been realizing that I’m a bit kinky. It’s possible that these things will change as I learn and experience more, but thus far these things define my kinky self.

1) My kinky self is conflicted. Read more…

30 Days of Kink: List your kinks. by @AlisonTyler

February 15th, 2014 Comments off

Delicious Torment by Alison TylerList your kinks.

Let’s put our cards down on the table: I hate filling out forms. But your list is so much fun, I want to answer more than one. (Oh, god. I rhymed.)

The truth is that I have one major kink—the one that defines me as much as my brown eyes, or my silver-streaked hair, or my too-wide smile. I am a voyeur’s voyeur. I want to know everything. Not only about how lovers behave in the bedroom—but beyond. I want to know what’s in your purse, on your bookshelf, in your back pocket. I pay attention to bits of conversation (yeah, it’s called eavesdropping). I unintentionally snoop all the time.

This particular kink has lead to many others. I mean, because I like to watch—because I want to see—I also want to experience other people’s kinks and fetishes. Read more…

30 Days of Kink: Define Your Kinky Self by @AlisonTyler

October 9th, 2013 2 comments

2013-09-03 20.40.26Dom, sub, switch?  What parts of BDSM interest you?  Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

Any reader who has followed me over the years will be shouting out the answer for you. “Sub! She’s a sub! Oh, god, is she ever a sub.” But the world isn’t simple like that.

In The Delicious Torment, the sequel to Dark Secret Love, I wrote:

When Alex shoved the prison strap in my hands, I wanted to laugh. Yeah, there were plenty of times when I had wanted to beat him, to fuck with him, to take him down not only one peg, but several. But now wasn’t one of those times. How can you hurt someone who’s just asked you to fall in love with them?

No, that’s the wrong question. Jack would easily have been able to whip me after a similar encounter. So the difference is more fundamental than that. I’m no top.

Read more…

Sex and the Bible

June 18th, 2012 1 comment

I’m a Conservative Christian. If that strikes you as odd, because I’m writing on a sex blog and I write D/s erotica (among other genres), you’re not alone. How in the name of God can a Conservative Christian (CC) write erotica? Aren’t CCs the ones who are opposed to gay rights, gay marriage, sex outside of marriage and sex education that is anything other than abstinence pushing? Yeah, that’s what the visible leadership pushes. So just where am I coming from, and just what makes me a CC?

Let me tackle the second question first. I think of myself as a CC because I am a Christian who believes that the bible should be taken seriously. Notice that I didn’t say literally. Every time someone says they take the bible literally, someone else throws one of the many figures of speech out as an example of the stupidity (like the sword of his mouth). What I’m trying to say is that I’ve made a point of being familiar with what the bible says and trying to do what it tells me to do. Unfortunately, many CCs don’t take the time to be familiar with their own holy book and rely on the teachings of church leaders. Others that do learn the bible, make careless mistakes (that I’ll describe as we go). Read more…

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Visiting a Pro Domme and public play

January 13th, 2012 2 comments

In the last month or so, I’ve had some experiences that have led me to do some thinking.  People in the lifestyle who know me, know that I currently see myself as a masochist.  I enjoy letting certain people inflict various types of pain on me.  I’m still in the process of figuring out just what I enjoy and don’t.  Since I’ve moved to Australia, thanks to being in smaller towns only, I’ve been unable to indulge my proclivities.  All that changed in December.

The first of the three experiences that relate together and to this article is watching a TV program.  I don’t recall the name, but it was a look at prostitution, as practiced in various places in the world.  The key points that I took from the program was that even in places where it is legal, the attitude towards women who work in the sex industry is pretty bad.  They’re viewed as somehow being lesser people, soiled, if you will.  In fact, it seemed like women who chose to do it legally were looked down on more so than those who found themselves in the profession by force or lack of options.  Read more…

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