August 20th, 2013

I’m a 50ish college math teacher who started writing erotica (including BDSM) three years ago.  I’ve had an interest in D/s erotica for decades, but developed the desires for BDSM play only recently.  In fact, my earlier stories were written before I’d had any real experience at all (both with sex itself, as well as BDSM), something many have expressed surprise over.

My writing can be found on Literotica, StoriesOnline, and TheMasque.  If you want to support a “starving writer”, you can buy my, or someone else’s ebooks at my affiliate site for a1adultebooks.

I think of myself as a dominant with both sadistic and masochistic leanings.  I’m pretty new to the physical scene, though I’ve been studying and writing about it for years, and am still discovering just what it is that I like and don’t like.  In fact, my biggest discovery so far has been just how much I don’t know about what I’d enjoy or be interested in.

In the mundane world, in addition to teaching math, I enjoy role-playing games (Dungeon and Dragons primarily), reading just about anything I can sink my eyes into, and a smattering of TV shows (mostly sci-fi and fantasy).  I have a cat named Lilly, who knows for a fact that she’s the cutest being on the face of the planet.

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