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#SunnySunday That Makeup Though

January 15th, 2017

As I mentioned before, I’m learning to do my makeup. I used to only wear black eyeliner, black mascara, and champagne-ish eyeshadow. No foundation, no lipstick or gloss, no blush…nada.

In this picture, I’m wearing BB cream, blush, highlighter, contour, brown glitter eyeliner, brown and cream eyeshadow (that you can’t really see because my brow bone ate my eyelids), black/brown mascara, and my new favorite red lipstick that made me realize that the reason I hate the way I look in red lipstick is because I hadn’t found a shade I liked (plus some magic that makes your makeup stay in place). That one is Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in Backstage 035, and it’s glorious. Stays put. Doesn’t completely dry my lips. Looks amazing on me.

I need to pick up concealer, and try some actual foundations, but I’m really in love with the BB cream I’ve been using, too. Matches my skin perfectly and makes it look almost flawless.

Can you tell I’m having fun with this?

Who the fuck am I and what did I do with the real me?

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