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Review: Rumble by Tantus

October 14th, 2016
Who needs a new bulb when you've got a deck that needs painting?

Who needs a new bulb when you’ve got a deck that needs painting?

Ooo, what’s that?

Oh, that? That’s just the lightest wand vibrator I’ve ever held in my life. It’s called the Tantus Rumble, and I like it fine, I just don’t love it. Which makes me sad.

How’s it made?

It’s got an angled, super lightweight handle that I find comfortable to use. The silicone “head,” if you will, is removable, so you’re welcome to toss it in your dishwasher between uses. Just the head, though! The body is not waterproof.

It’s got 7 settings, which range from pretty low to pretty high on the intensity spectrum. The charge lasts FOREVER even when not in use. It’s charged with a micro USB cord, so if you lose it, you can pick up a new one pretty much anywhere.

Tantus thought about just about everything. Because they listen. That’s why I love them.

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What’s it for?

The Rumble was made with every body in mind. It can be used for masturbation, teasing, or even massage.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
removable silicone head
low is pretty low
high is pretty high
super lightweight
easy to use for any body
quiet as wands go
charge lasts FOREVER even when not in use
the vibrations aren’t quite what I’m looking for

I really wanted to be that one blogger who could come into this review and be like, “What the fuck are you all talking about?”

I mean, I’m a total Tantus fangirl. The vast majority of my sex toy collection is Tantus. Even though I hate Zing, I kept it right up until this last move because it was Tantus. And OLD Tantus, too. It didn’t even have the same logo as the current Tantus toys it was so old!

I figured the sheer fact that Rumble is made by Tantus would be enough. But…it isn’t.

I don’t hate Rumble, like some folks do. It gets me off. It brings me back to the days that I was masturbating with a “massager” with a broad, round head. Even brings back some of the same sensations. That’s a thing I wasn’t sure was possible.

It’s SO light, which is awesome for me because I’ve been having problems with my hands. Especially since the move. My ring finger on my right hand still isn’t quite right. You’d think that, now that I have insurance, I’d just pop into a doctor, but the doctor it took me forever to choose is an hour away, and there’s only one female doctor in the area, and it’s in a town I really don’t want to travel to because…reasons. Long story short, I haven’t. So a light toy makes a world of difference.

It’s wireless and rechargeable. I can charge it with my PS4 charger, which is great because I’m notorious for losing charge cords. Lost Rumble’s charge cord almost as soon as I opened the box. Turned out, I’d just stuffed it in a drawer I don’t usually stuff things in, but it took me right up until the day we moved to figure that out.

People are all like, “Oh, it doesn’t fit on my vulva correctly,” and I can see that. I’ve got meaty outer labia, and I generally need direct clitoral stimulation (as opposed to stimulation through my labia), so I always have to spread my lips to get off. And I can press Rumble against my clit in such a way that I don’t have to do much fiddling to get comfortable. But I can see where all that might not work for other people who get off differently than I do.

I’m just not super into the vibrations. I can’t even really figure out why. Is it because they’re buzzy? Maybe. I’m not one of those folks who prefers rumbly to buzzy, or vice versa. And Rumble’s buzziness isn’t quite as high pitched or weak as some other toys. It doesn’t numb me, or make me itch, or anything like that. It’s just…off. And I can’t really put my finger on why.

I fucking love the removable silicone head. Love. I’m dying to try all the ones that are sold separately to see if it makes a difference in my less-than-love of the vibrations. My vag goes through phases, so maybe I’m just in a pinpoint stimulation phase? Who knows, right? My vag does, but she’s not talking. (Haha, I made a funny.)

Maybe the problem is that I’m expecting it to act like a wand, and Rumble is a wand that isn’t a wand. Maybe the problem is I’ve become addicted to my Wahl. Maybe the problem is I don’t masturbate enough to know what I like anymore. That could totally be true since masturbating has been giving me hand cramps.

What I do know is that Rumble is worth a shot for anyone looking for a shareable wireless lightweight wand. Especially if masturbation’s giving you trouble, for whatever reason. And especially if you have issues with your hands or wrists. Cuz, I mean, it’s still good! It’s just not a Wahl. But what toy (besides the Wahl) is?

Anything else I should know?

Rumble is not waterproof. To clean the head, just remove it and toss it in the dishwasher. To clean the rest, wipe it down with a damp cloth.

There are a couple other attachments you can try. You can find those here: Convertible, Spoon, Dorado.

Get 10% off your entire purchase at checkout with code: RAYNE

Where’d ya get it?

The Tantus Rumble was provided to us by Peepshow Toys free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Peepshow Toys is an online adult boutique that just can’t get down with the stigmatization of sexual pleasure. In the interest of sexual freedom, Peepshow Toys has dedicated themselves to bringing you the body-safe adult toys you want.


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