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Review: The Womanizer W500 Pro by epi24

June 11th, 2016

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Ooo, what’s that?

If The Womanizer W100 was confusing, this toy is even more so. It’s more intense. It’s easier to use. It’s a little quieter. And it produces some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

It’s The Womanizer W500 Pro by epi24. And unless you like things on the lower end of intense, you’re gonna love this toy.

What’s it for?

Like The Womanizer W100, the W500 is meant to provide quick and easy (and maybe even multiple) orgasms without touching the clitoris directly. It, too, functions on epi24’s PleasureAir Technology, which provides the most divine suction I think I’ve ever felt. Unlike the W100, the silicone tips for the W500 come in two different diameters; 1/2 inch and 1 inch.

How’s it made?

I’m absolutely gaga for the design of The Womanizer W500 Pro. Arthritis runs in my family (pretty much all types) and I’ve had pain in my hands for years, but instead of going to the doctor for help like a normal person, I just take it easy on bad hand days. The way the W500 fits in my hand makes gripping on bad hand days infinitely easier.

It still has the “ear thermometer” suction cup head, but hey, that’s what makes it work, right?

The power button on mine is a little fiddly. It doesn’t always come on the first couple times I push it. But whatevs, it still works. It’s probably user error anyway.

The W500 one has + and – buttons to control the intensity, which is awesome, since that was one of my complaints about the W100. And W500 has 8 settings instead of 5, which means it works for people who need more intense sensation than the W100 provides.

It’s rechargeable and the charge lasts forever. FOR-E-VER. I’ve used it a lot, for sometimes more than ten minutes (because of those multiple orgasms it promises), and left it laying around, and I’ve still only had to charge it once. Since April. No lie.

The body’s made of ABS plastic, like the W100. The designs are still a little kitschy. But look how well the rose one goes with my theme!

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
2 detachable silicone suction cups
actual suction
charges through your computer
easy to clean
water resistant
much quieter than the 100
seems easier to make a seal
+ and – buttons make it easier to control intensity
charge lasts FOREVER!
holds its charge for a while when not in use
charges quickly
comes with USB wall adapter
better shape
god damn MAGICAL
doesn’t come with a discreet box for storage
power button is a little fiddly
a little bit of a learning curve
needs lots of lube to form and hold seal
wiggling breaks the seal
doesn’t really work for couples play

Okay, seriously, I don’t know what it is about this toy, but it’s god damn magical.

God. Damn. MAGICAL.

When epi24 claimed that the Womanizer would make my orgasms come faster, I wasn’t really impressed. As I mentioned in my review of the W100, I cum pretty fast as it is. A toy that makes me cum even faster would actually do my body a disservice, right? I mean, how do you enjoy an orgasm that happens within seconds? But the claim that it would trigger multiple orgasms was intriguing. And the idea that it would change my perception of orgasms altogether? Like, okay, I need to try this toy.

I dunno if it has changed my perception of orgasms, per se. But it definitely has changed how I orgasm. You’re not gonna believe me, but here goes…

I have problems achieving orgasm without direct external clitoral stimulation. It doesn’t have to be pinpoint, or super strong. It just has to actually be happening on the part of my clit that is outside my body. Normally. Before this toy, there had been a few handfuls of times in my life that I’d experienced a g-spot orgasm, and never without added clitoral stimulation.

That’s a thing of the past. Since I started using the Womanizer W500, I can cum from PIV sex. Not every single time, but it happens at least once a week, which might as well be a 100% increase. Like, what the actual fuck, right?

I have no idea how this happened. It could be total coincidence. I mean, the Womanizer doesn’t even go inside of me. So what in the bloody hell is going on?

My only real guess is that the theory about the g-spot being the internal part of the clitoris is correct. At least for me. And somehow, stimulation from the W500 is making my entire clitoris more sensitive. Hell, maybe it’s the combined use of both toys, since I received the W100 first. All I know is that I used the W500 and came hard, and then M fucked me from behind (so there was no stimulation to my external clitoris) and I came three more times on his cock. And then it started happening every time I used the W500. And then it started happening occasionally without any toy.

I don’t know if it’ll work for you the way it works for me because I don’t know your vagina. What I can tell you is how my vulva is shaped. That might help you to figure out if it’ll work for you.

I’ve got meaty outer labia with really small inner labia, a teeny external clitoris (smaller than the tip of my pinky) with a teeny hood, and a pronounced mons.

It is wholly possible that the reason this toy works for me the way it does is because of how small my clitoris is. If I get a good seal, the sensation is…well, magical. More magical than The Womanizer W100. So much more magical.

Anything else I should know?

Same as the W100, clean up is a snap. Pop off the tip and wash it with warm sudsy water. Boil it, bleach it, toss it in your dishwasher if you have a closable silverware basket. Wipe the rest down with rubbing alcohol.

Where’d ya get it?

The Womanizer 500 was provided to us by Peepshow Toys free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Peepshow Toys is an online adult boutique that just can’t get down with the stigmatization of sexual pleasure. In the interest of sexual freedom, Peepshow Toys has dedicated themselves to bringing you the body-safe adult toys you want.


  1. Heaven
    July 9th, 2016 at 14:18 | #1

    I have heard such good things about this toy even though the name sucks but guess they knew what they were doing, LOL. I need to get my hands on one.

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