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I’m not slacking off. Promise!

April 3rd, 2016 2 comments

I know I’ve skipped two weeks of Kinktionary and No Stupid (Kink) Questions (and, you know, everything but #SunnySunday) and those of you who were just starting to trust me again, are like, “Man, she’s never going to get her ass in gear.”

And you’re probably right. I will probably always be flakey when it comes to the blog (outside of professional obligations) because this is my space and sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I will never be as professional with this thing as some folks are because my blog is more of a journal than what blogs have become. I’m not a brand. I’m not a business. I’m just me, putting myself out there because I can.

But! This time I have an excuse that is not “I just didn’t feel like it” or “Everybody hates me” or “Nobody reads me, anyway.” (Yay, depression!)

So up until Tuesday, I still had my wisdom teeth. Read more…

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