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Kinktionary: Sub Drop

March 17th, 2016
Joelle Hood All Fours Frame Alt on elaisted.com

Joelle Hood All Fours Frame Alt on elaisted.com

There is a negative in all good things. In consensual BDSM play, that negative is sub drop.

Sub drop is a negative reaction to the end (temporary or permanent) of BDSM play. Often, it presents itself as depression or anxiety, but can also present as anger, feeling lost. How sub drop manifests depends on the person.

Part of the reason BDSM is enjoyed is because it increases endorphin production. Endorphins bind to the same receptors as opioids, which explains why subspace sounds a lot like being high. Your body reacts to endorphins the same way it would heroin.

Sub drop is a direct result of endorphin withdrawal. It can take 24 to 36 hours to notice symptoms. Many believe sub drop can be avoided by implementing aftercare after a play session.

Because sub drop is endorphin withdrawal, it can often be treated with a piece of chocolate, some exercise, or more play.

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