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Kinktionary: Kolar

March 10th, 2016


A Gorean “onlineism.” In the Gor novels, it’s explained that a collar is is called a “ko-lar,” but it is understood that this is the phonetic spelling, and not how the word is actually spelled.

quotationShe was kneeling down and I knelt across from her. “La Kajira,” said Eta, pointing to herself. “Tu Kajira,” she said, pointing to me. “La Kajira,” I said, pointing to myself. “Tu Kajira,” I said, pointing to Eta. I am a slave girl. You are a slave girl, Eta smiles. She pointed to her brand. “Kan-lara,” she said. She pointed to my brand. “Kan-lara Dina,” she said. I repeated these words. “Ko-lar,” she said, indicating her collar. “It is the same word in English,” I cried. She did not understand my outburst. Gorean, as I would learn, is rich in words borrowed from Earth languages; how rich it is I am not a skilled enough philologist to conjecture.

Slave Girl of Gor, p. 80

John Norman never gave the actual Gorean spelling of the word. Regardless, many online Gorean role-players call a collar a “kolar” in their text-based scenes and dialogue.

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