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Kinktionary: Flogger

March 3rd, 2016

FloggerComparisonDue to their versatility, floggers are probably the most popular whips among sadists and masochists alike. Often referred to as a “cat of nine tails,” a flogger is a whip that usually has a rigid handle and at least nine “tails” or “falls” that are used to whip the bottom of the scene.

Generally speaking, floggers fall on the lower end of the pain spectrum, usually producing a more thuddy sensation. Of course, this depends on the material they’re made of, the weight and width of the falls, and whether the tips are cut at an angle or straight across. A rubber flogger with angled tips will sting like the dickens, whereas a leather flogger with blunt tips will feel more like a percussion massage.

How a flogger feels also depends a great deal on the person doing the whipping. A more experienced top will be better able to control their aim and the strength of the blow, which can enhance the way a flogger is feels to the bottom a great deal.

How a flogger is received depends on the person being whipped. Some people prefer sting to thud, and vice versa. Someone who enjoys thud will often be more into blunt tips and soft materials, like leather or rope. Someone who enjoys sting is usually into angled tips and harsher materials, like rubber or silicone.

Because the generic flogger is on the lower end of the pain spectrum, floggers are relatively safe to use on almost any body. They’re also incredibly easy to learn how to use, which makes them one of the safer toys in the impact toy spectrum.

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  1. Heaven
    March 7th, 2016 at 08:46 | #1

    I enjoy using floggers on myself and on others. One of my favorite things to use.

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