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Kinktionary: Kajirus

February 18th, 2016

92933-coverA kajirus is a male slave on Gor.

Male slaves are a rare find in the Gorean series. This may be due to the patriarchal culture which places male slaves below even the beasts of Gor because they’ve allowed themselves to become slaves. Men on Gor are supposed to be strong and their will unbreakable. It would be less shameful, on Gor, to die in battle than to be forced into slavery.

In the books, male slaves on Gor are usually enslaved by their conquerers in war, or as punishment for committing a crime against their city. They are usually used for hard labor, though some are employed as house servants, and some (very few) act as pleasure slaves to Free Women. It is rare to find a male slave who was abducted from Earth.

Male slaves are much more prevalent in Gorean role-play circles than they are in the books. In real life, male Gorean slaves are predominantly pleasure slaves.

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