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Kinktionary: Kajira

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3315588636_cabfc93c90_zKajira is the Gorean word for a female pleasure slave. In Gorean tradition, a kajira must do everything in her power to bring her owner pleasure. This ranges from cooking and cleaning, to sensual dances, to sex. However, the life of a real life kajira looks very different than that of a kajira in the books.

In the books, a kajira’s duties are not limited to her master alone. A slave is a slave is a slave. Kajirae (the plural form) are required to defer to all Free People regardless of gender or ownership. While all slaves are owned by someone (a slaver, a private owner, a paga tavern, etc.), it’s considered bad manners to deny someone the service of your slave. This means that often Gorean slaves are raped by strangers while running errands for their owners, which leads to the slave being punished for being late. It’s rare that the Free Man is punished for the rape, but when he is, it’s usually for “theft of goods.”

This is not the case with real life kajirae, because in real life, slavery is illegal and anyone claiming the slave title retains the right to consent.

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