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Kintionary: Gor

February 4th, 2016

Tarnsman_of_gor_vallejo_coverIn a series of fictional novels written by John Norman, there exists a spaceship, of sorts, that is of similar shape, size, and climate to planet Earth. That ship is called Gor, or Counter-Earth.

Gor is said to orbit the sun in such a way that makes it invisible to those who inhabit Earth. This allows the creatures controlling Gor (Priest-Kings) and the humans who inhabit Gor to abduct people from Earth and force them into slavery. Generally speaking, the people abducted are female, and the slavery is sexual in nature.

From this series, an almost cultish fandom has formed, inspiring internet chatrooms, Second Life worlds, relationship dynamics, and even whole communities of people who choose to apply Gorean philosophies and customs to their real lives.

For some, the Gorean lifestyle is simply role-play; a way to scratch an itch (the master/slave relationship or sexual dynamic) they don’t feel comfortable scratching as themselves. For others, Gor is a way of life.

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