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Kinktionary: Funishment

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Funishment, put simply, is punishment done for fun.

kaya, at, explains funishment as a way to scratch the punishment fetish itch without resorting to unhealthy behaviors, like breaking a rule on purpose to elicit a response from the dominant. In her post, she discusses how occasionally (and at her master’s whim), she’ll be “in trouble” for something silly and unimportant. There will be “punishment” done in fun, and it might still suck balls, but the reality is no one’s mad. What she “did wrong” isn’t even really a rule (sort of). And the “punishment” is lighthearted and has none of the disappointment and strife of an actual punishment for actually breaking a rule.

However, in some relationships, all punishments are done in fun. Breaking rules on purpose (also referred to as ‘bratting’) is acceptable, and results in funishment. Some of these couples are firmly against real punishment, often citing domestic abuse as the reason (though there are others). Some, as in kaya’s case, have a punishment fetish. And some just enjoy funishment and/or prefer funishment to punishment.

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