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The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

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Hello, 2016.

Last night, we sent 2015 on its way with lots of sex, a little bit of booze, and Rockin Eve, as is our way. It’s just not the same without Dick Clark. But Ryan Seacrest appears to be losing some of his douche as he grows older. He might even be cool some day!

Master’s not really into pop, so we don’t listen to much of it aside from Miley Cyrus, but only I listen to her. The artists who performed last night were actually pretty good. It was nice to see people just sing and not autotune their voices to sound like robots. I was never really into that trend.

I was blown away by Alessia Cara. From her astounding voice, to the song she performed, to the fact that she was like “Fuck this shit, I’m performing in something comfortable,” she’s pretty flipping amazing. I’m gonna have to look up the rest of her stuff.

This morning, I’m making breakfast as slowly as possible because Master can’t handle partying like he used to would like a bit more sleep. For the first time ever, I think my hash browns (shredded, not home fries) are going to be perfect. I’m pretty excited about that.  Read more…

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