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10 Things You Should Know About Me

December 12th, 2015

…in no particular order.

  1. I’m blunt to a fault. I don’t sugarcoat things. Ever. No matter what. If the situation is shitty, I’m gonna point it out.
  2. I’m not a ‘nice’ person. I don’t go around looking for people to be a dick to, but because I’m not a ‘nice’ person, sometimes I have no idea I’m being a dick. I fully know this doesn’t excuse my behavior.
  3. I’m not a ‘mean’ person, either. If I did something that hurt you, the chances that I did it with malicious intent are extremely low. It’s far more likely that I just had no idea it would hurt you.
  4. I’m not a good friend; especially on the internet. I try to be, but then I do things like not ship a sex toy for over a year, or disappear into my own darkness just as someone I care about is dealing with their own traumatic event. But…
  5. You can always count on me to tell you the truth…even when you don’t want to hear it.
  6. I’ll also always tell you when you’re doing something stupid. Unless you already know it’s stupid. In which case…
  7. I will let you fall on your face, but I’ll be there to help you up when you’re ready (unless I’ve disappeared into my own darkness).
  8. I will never agree with you to avoid conflict or save face. If I disagree, I’ll just say so.
  9. I also will never hold our disagreements against you. Unless you’re a dick.
  10. I will always tell you when you’re being a dick. I 100% expect you to do the same for me.
    1. I was going to write some sort of apology, here, and explain how this me came to be, and blahblahblahwords. But you know what? I’m not sorry (except about sometimes being a dick…I’m sorry about that). I can only be me. Take me or leave me.

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  1. Heaven
    December 15th, 2015 at 22:08 | #1

    And this is why I enjoy you. Sorry not sorry. Be yourself and that is all that matters if someone can’t handle it tough titty.

  2. December 27th, 2015 at 04:58 | #2

    Enjoy reading your blog very much. And I love your “straigtforwardness” (:
    Thanks for being yourself, it’s rare to find it these days.

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