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Rayne is a fucktoy cunt.

August 30th, 2015

I laid my head in his lap as we watched the last few minutes of the first half. He fisted his hand in my hair and ground his hips against my cheek. With each thrust, I could feel his cock growing harder, until it strained against the fabric of his boxers.

He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and squeezed. Not tight enough to hurt. Just tight enough to let me know who’s boss. And as I lay there, I could feel his cock pressing against my face, his precum already wetting my cheek.

“What are you?” he asked.

I knew the answer to this. He’d just told me minutes before. But I couldn’t find the memory in my cock-fogged brain. I panicked for a brief second, racking my brain for my new title. His hand tightened ever so slightly as the word I was missing came to me.

“A fucktoy cunt,” I breathed in relief.

“Say, ‘Rayne’s a fucktoy cunt,'” he said.

“Rayne’s a fucktoy cunt,” I replied.

I watched breathlessly as the clock ticked down the remaining seconds of the half. I’d long since lost track of the ball.

“Go get on your knees in the bedroom,” he said, and I leapt to obey.

He’d already promised a beating. He’d even picked out which paddles he was going to use. And I wasn’t going to give him any reason to be meaner than he’d already planned.

He entered the room and stood before me, unceremoniously removing his shirt and shorts. He reached over my head to retrieve his belt.

“Let’s put this around your neck, shall we?”

I didn’t move. Didn’t say a word. There’s something about a man wrapping a strip of leather around one’s neck that makes everything just fall away. There’s no point in struggling. He just won the game.

“You gonna tell me no?” He asked, as the leather tightened against my throat.

“No, Master,” I whispered, just barely loud enough for him to hear me.

He grabbed me by the hair and stuffed his balls in my mouth.

“Lick those balls like a good girl,” he growled, and I licked for all I was worth while he stroked his cock.

He pulled me to my feet by the belt around my neck, then bent me over the mattress. He was talking to me but I was so focused on those paddles I couldn’t tell you what he said beyond, “Be still.”

And then I felt the first stroke. The frat bat from Maui Kink. He really likes that one. I took a breath and tried to concentrate on not climbing the walls.

He kicked my legs apart, still raining blows down on my ass. He crammed his cock in my pussy, pulling the belt tight around my throat.

“Fuck me good, cunt, and I’ll let you breathe.”

And I was done for. Even if I had wanted to resist, I wouldn’t have been able to. The second the belt tightened, my cunt flooded, and I began to bounce on that cock for all I’m worth.

“That’s definitely a fucktoy’s pussy,” he said. “Wet little bitch.”

He thrust in and out, bringing the paddle down again and again, allowing me to breathe as long as I kept pleasing him.

“I could have came ages ago. I’m using you to tease myself,” he growled in my ear.

When he was ready to cum, he guided me off the bed to the floor by the belt around my neck. He pushed me back against the Cocoon, and plopped his balls back on my tongue. Then he plastered my face and hair with his cum.

“You can cum, slut. Right there.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the belt tight.

I stuffed my fingers in my sopping wet cunt. And as I sat there, on the floor where I belong, gasping for air with his cum dripping off my face, I came.

And now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Thank you, Master, for reminding me of my place.

I still love you more.

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