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Heads up! Or something.

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Look! My new bike!

Just a short update…

– I may or may not get Kinktionary and No Stupid (Kink) Questions posts up this week. M’s on vacation starting whenever he gets to stop working tonight, and doesn’t go back until next week, which means if I have any free time at all, it has to be spent on obligations to people who pay me. I know how that sounds. Ahh, the life of a pleasure slave. #pleasureslaveproblems

– I have been working on a couple posts related to life in general as me, but at least one may never be published because a) it may no longer be relevant and b) I’m trying to avoid drama, these days. Now you really want to read it, huh? The others are just taking me forever because I’ve been weird about sharing lately. I keep getting all freaked out about hurting people’s feelings. What even has happened to me?! I blame the internet.

– I have a new bike! YAAAAASSSSSS!!!!! It already needs work done. Booo!!! But we’re pretty sure it’s just that the cables need adjusting, so M’s gonna do it himself. We want to get back to doing long rides, and if we’re going to do that, we need to know how to make minor adjustments to our bikes in case crazy shit happens like what’s going on with my bike right now (which is that we got less than a mile out and my pedals locked up) when we’re ten miles (or more) away from the car.

– I just finished a short story about a woman whose husband abandons her during the zombie apocalypse. I’m looking for feedback. If you’re interested in reading, let me know!

That’s all for today. ~ducks~ Have a great weekend! And I suppose the rest of the week, too. <3

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