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Things I Learned On Twitter Today

August 6th, 2015 Comments off
  1. I’m a super shitty slave because I dare to correct strange dominants on the intarwebz.
  2. Refusing to ‘admit’ I’m wrong when I didn’t actually do anything wrong makes me a ‘bratty little girl’.
  3. Dominants are children who can’t hold their own in a debate and must be defended by their submissives.
  4. When your dominant’s overinflated ego enables him to take a stranger’s words wrong, and he throws a temper tantrum, you should spend half your morning dissing the stranger, their relationship, and their dominant partner without knowing the first thing about them, because that’s not at all disrespectful.
  5. When the stranger calls you out on your hypocrisy, be sure to back pedal while maintaining a superior attitude.
  6. The submissive with the most followers on their side wins kink, kthxbai.
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