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Kinktionary: Aftercare

July 24th, 2015

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After a kinky play session, both top and bottom will often find themselves a little bit out of sorts. This is often caused by the ebb and flow of endorphins and the vast range of emotions that each person goes through during a scene.

Besides that, there are occasional physical after effects of a play session; accidental (or on purpose) blood letting, bruises, swelling, etc.

This is where aftercare comes in. Aftercare can be anything from providing a warm blanket in which the bottom can snuggle up, to caring for injuries. Some people provide their bottoms with a light snack, a piece of chocolate, or some juice to lessen the effects of endorphin withdrawal. Others just hold their partners until they’re less spacey and more able to deal with the environment they’re in.

Aftercare is not just for the bottom. It can be a pretty emotional thing, beating on someone you care about. Many tops find they need a bit of aftercare, as well. For some, this comes in the form of reassurance that their bottom is, in fact, a bottom, and does enjoy their play sessions. For others, a warm blanket and a snack is the way to go.

As with everything in kink, the jury’s out on whether or not aftercare is necessary. For some it absolutely is, while others can get off (or however they finish a play session) and go back to work (or cleaning house, or whatever).

Bottom line? Do what works for you and your partner(s).

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