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Kinktionary: Power Exchange

July 17th, 2015

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Power exchange is exactly what it sounds like. Person A gives a little or a lot of power over their body, or life, or mind (or any combination of the three) to Person B. In exchange, (and in the most simply put way possible because there are thousands of services Person A and Person B provide each other) Person B agrees to keep Person A safe while controlling the things Person A has given them power over.

This can look different from relationship to relationship. The levels of control Person A is willing to give up varies greatly, person to person. Some people allow their partners to control everything, from what they wear to how they speak to where they’re allowed to go. Other people only allow their partners to control things that happen in the bedroom. As with most things in BDSM, it all comes down to consent and the needs and desires of the people involved.

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