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I suck at getting back into the groove. #sorrynotsorry

July 10th, 2015

Hello-My-Name-is-SlackerSo I’ve been trying to get back to doing Kinktionary and No Stupid (Kink) Questions posts on Fridays. Yes, sex ed on Friday. Cuz I know some of you fuckers are going out after work and being kinky all weekend (us fuckers sure are), and if you’re new to kinky fucking, I want you to have something you can take with you to your kinky fuckery.

Last week, I got the Kinktionary post up, but no amount of pouting and sighing and feeling guilty carved out extra time for me to do the NSKQ post, so it got skipped.

This week, I’m skipping them both. I tried really hard to get them done before today, but it’s just not happening. I’ve picked up an editing job, and I’m trying to spend more of my time focused on the house and M, so the blog is the last thing I consider.

Yeah, I know it shows. Right now I can’t be arsed to care. I’ve got bigger things that need repairing. Like my slavery, without which this site doesn’t even exist.

I know what you’re thinking. “Stop tweeting and write, woman!” That would probably help a lot. I mean, I’ve even got a sticky that says as much on my laptop. See?


I’ve actually considered closing my Twitter account, but if I’m to be honest, it would just be replaced by something else; a video game, or books, or the cats. The better thing to do is start practicing some fucking self control and stop allowing myself to not hold myself accountable to myself when no one else is holding me accountable for anything. I mean, I’m a grown ass woman. If M’s not going to direct my days, I should be capable of being productive without him. Shouldn’t I?

That’s another post for another day.

So today’s Friday. I almost never write on Saturday or Sunday because those are M’s days. So I’m starting new on Monday. Hopefully, there will be new Kinktionary and NSKQ posts up by next Friday.

One day at a time. It’s all I can do right now. #sorrynotsorry

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