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Much Ado About Menstruation

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My period is seriously fucking with me. We’re pretty sure I have PMDD or some other menstruation symptom enhancer (that sounds like something awesome when it totally isn’t), so this is nothing new.

The new thing is that I’ve been keeping track of my period and its symptoms for about a year (give or take a few months) thanks to this really neat smartphone app I found thanks to Laci Green (who will forever be my hero), so from the very first twinge of fuckery, I knew it was my period. I’m not perfect with it (I generally forget to add the last day or two), and my periods have never been ‘regular’, so its averages are off a bit, and yet, it’s still usually pretty close to right. Within a few days, normally.

This month, I went early. REALLY early. Almost ten days early. But when you consider the fact that the average woman (according to most women’s health resources) goes about 28 days between the end of her last period and the beginning of her next, and I generally go between 35 and 38 days between the end of my last period and the beginning of my next, ten days early is just about on time for ‘normal’. Plus I’ve already got a fucked up cycle. Plus we had lots of rough sex. So I’m not worried.

The best part about keeping track of my cycle, though, is I’m not even worried about my mental state–which, at this moment, is decidedly ‘somewhat stable with a chance of tears’–because I can look at Clue and see that I’ll be menstruating in a couple days, which is good because it’s not always easy to tell the difference between PMS and bipolar disorder. Read more…

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