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NS(K)Q: Q51 – What is erotic spanking?

June 26th, 2015

NoStupidKinkQuestionsGandhi said that if you want to change the world, you have to be the change you want to see. To that end, Insatiable Desire brings you No Stupid (Kink) Questions, a series of questions asked by novice kinksters around the web. If you have a question for us, leave it in comments, or send it to rayne (at) insatiabledesire (dot) com with “NS(K)Q” in the subject.

Question 51:

I know this sounds like a really dumb question, but my parents spanked me, and I can’t imagine that ever being erotic. What is erotic spanking? And why do people get off on it?

It’s not a dumb question, actually. It’s a totally logical question. Especially from someone who was spanked as a child.

Erotic spanking is consensual spanking for sexual pleasure, as opposed to punishment or discipline.

I’m told there’s a nerve that connects the butt to the genitals which is stimulated when a person is spanked, and that triggers arousal in some people. Another theory is that being spanked increases the blood flow to the buttocks and genitals, which then increases arousal. And yet another theory is that the movement of the buttocks sends vibrations through the genitals, turning that person on.

I don’t know anything about that.

What I do know is that spankings (from my owner) hurt like a mother fucker most of the time. If there is any actual pleasure derived from the juxtaposition of my butt cheeks and vulva, I have yet to notice it. Generally speaking, when my owner spanks me, all I feel is the pain, and the closeness of our bodies (so close his dick is usually in me). And yet, I lay right down and take them, without complaint, every time.

I guess most people would say my wires are crossed. Being spanked (or caned, or paddled, or whatever) turns me on because I feel like I’m being treated right; the way I deserve to be treated. It feels good to be paddled by my man until he decides to stop. I like crying for him. Plus, it gets my pussy wet. Sopping, dripping, where-the-fuck-is-this-moisture-even-coming-from wet.

His dick gets hard when he spanks me. He likes the fact that he’s causing me pain and pleasure at the same time. He likes that I’ll lay there and take it to please him. He likes the way it makes me squirm. He likes to see me cry. And he likes that when he’s done, I’ll be a squirming, sloppy mess begging to get off.

I like that, too.

But hey, you’ll never know if it turns you on until you try. Everyone’s different. If you try it, and hate it, you never have to do it again. But if you try it and love it…oh, what a world of fun you’ll have opened yourself up to.

Just don’t let anyone pressure you into it. It won’t be any fun if you’re doing it when you don’t want to (unless you’re into that sort of thing), and no one has the right to make you (unless you’ve given them that right). Do it with the person you want to do it with when it feels right.

  1. Heaven
    June 29th, 2015 at 13:07 | #1

    I too have been spanked as a child but I also enjoy that form of punishment and pleasure at times.

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