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Kinktionary: Soft Limits

June 26th, 2015

KffPVLwAxul2A1AcDL-300x298Soft limits can be things you’ve never done, things that you don’t really like (but are willing to do anyway), or boundaries that you’re willing to push. Just like hard limits, these can be anything from a spanking to a golden shower.

Standard operating procedure for many tops is to provide a BDSM checklist (like this one here), on which a new play partner can rate their interests in specific fetishes and ‘normal’ BDSM activities. This gives the top a clear idea of which activities they need to stay away from and which ones they can play with.

Just because you’re willing to try something eventually doesn’t mean you have to try it right this very second with the person who asked you about it. While soft limits can be pushed, they don’t have to be. You always, always have the right to decide when your limits are pushed and by who no matter which side of the slash you identify with (see: consent).

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