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Now I’m going to do whatever I want with you.

June 15th, 2015

“I think you should go figure out a way to lay on the bed with your ass in the air without hurting your shoulder.”

It almost sounds like a suggestion, or even a request, but it was neither.

I wound my hair up into a sloppy bun and pinned it in place before making my way to the bedroom. The Wedge was already out, so getting into position simply meant putting it in the middle of the bed and kneeling over it. I pulled my pillows over, too, to help support my upper body so that all my weight wasn’t resting on my shoulders, and snuggled in.

He took his sweet time joining me. Anticipation is a motherfucker. And as I knelt there, my ass lifted and thighs spread, I could feel it building in my stomach. Which, of course, translated to slippery heat building in my cunt.

I watched him come through the door, an angsty smile on my face. After pushing my thighs further apart, his fingers found my clit for one brief moment. He started rummaging through the toy bags for the paddles, and then assaulted my ass with one from Tantus.

“You can’t have your arms like that.”

I’d tucked them under me, thinking it might help to alleviate the pain I expected in my shoulder. He spread my arms to the corners of the head of the bed and began tying each limb to its respective bed post.

“Where’s the good blindfold?”

We have a blindfold by Liberator that has a strip of cushion that rests on the bridge of your nose. It’s perfect. Super soft and comfortable, and doesn’t let a drop of light in. Complete sight deprivation. And when he strapped it around my head, the anticipation skyrocketed. My pussy clenched and began to ache.

“No mouth plug?”

That’s what he calls the Beginner Ball Gag. I told him where to find it, feeling like I was breaking a rule by talking despite the fact that he’d asked a question. He stuffed it in my mouth, pulled it tight, and secured it behind my head.

He climbed on the bed behind me, leaned in real close, and said, “Now I’m going to do whatever I want with you.”

He may have used every paddle we own except the Maui Kink Frat Bat. I suppose he may have used that, and I just didn’t recognize the telltale ‘thunk’ that only that paddle produces. I was pretty preoccupied with the pain, and the lack of mobility, and the sobbing, and the growing wetness between my thighs, and his cock pumping in and out of me, and trying not to jerk around in a way that would reinjure my shoulder.

For the record, the Jack Boot is a dick. It’s like being kicked and paddled at the same time. I think I’ve said that somewhere before.

I bucked as best I could being tied the way I was, until he stopped and said, “Cunt.”

It was an order. His one word way of saying, “You’d better get your pussy back in prime fucking position before I show you how much I could be hurting you.”

What? You try sitting still while someone’s paddling your ass black and blue.

I sobbed into the pillow, drool puddling in the gag, and overflowing to the pillowcase. Each thrust into my pussy lit my ass on fire, which, of course, was his intention.

Every few strokes, he’d pull his cock out and thrust it between my ass cheeks, contemplating shoving it up my ass.

Every few minutes, he’d pick up another paddle, and bring it down again and again on my butt and thighs.

When he’d finished his masterpiece, he stopped teasing himself with my cunt and shot off inside, pounding my vaginal walls with hard, deep thrusts that obliterated my already bruised behind.

“I suppose I’ll let you cum, since you’ve been such a good girl,” he said, as he untied my hands and feet. “Turn over and get yourself off, slut.”

When my fingers found my clit, the Frat Bat found my left nipple. I cried out in pain, but my clit sprang to life. He alternated from the left nipple to the right, and back again, before paddling my pussy while I masturbated. Then he tossed the paddle aside, and spanked my vulva with his open hand, driving me over the edge into a screaming orgasm I’m sure the neighbors heard.


More please!

Last night, as I lay in his lap, he ran his fingers over the already forming bruises, and gasped in pleasure.

“You have welts!”

I braced for the spanking I knew would come, and he immediately provided it.

“When should I do that again?” he asked, still feeling me out, testing my limits in my kinky reawakening (for lack of a better word).

I grinned, and flitted off to start dinner. As he usually does, he followed me, and began feeling me up. When his hand found my sopping wet cunt, he gasped again.

“Soon,” I whispered. “You should do it again soon.”

My ass is still a little tender to the touch. I can feel the bars of our wooden chairs pressing into the welts. It stings a little.

Yeah…I’d say I missed this. How about you, Master?

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