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Update: The Follow Up

May 30th, 2015

I can type with both hands again! Hallelujah!

I had my follow up appointment yesterday, and they’re sending me to an orthopedist. It’s probably not necessary. I’m steadily getting better. The pain is decreasing, and I’m getting some of my mobility back.

We even had the sex yesterday! Or…well…this morning, technically, but I say it was still yesterday since we hadn’t been to bed yet. That wouldn’t have been possible a couple days ago. There was far too much pain, and M says he’s not at all into being the cause of that kind of pain, so despite my repeated offers, we waited.

However, I still can’t hold anything as heavy as an iPad (just almost dropped my coffee as I was typing that). I can’t put any pressure on my arm. I need it supported at all times, or it feels like someone’s yanking it off. Doing anything with my hair is nigh to impossible so it’s been in crooked sloppy buns all week (shh! There is so too such a thing). I still can’t reach across my body, or raise my arm more than shoulder height most times. And I have yet to try a day without pain meds, so who knows what’s really going on in there?

So! Necessary or not, the orthopedist has been recommended, and since I’ve already blown our deductible out of the water, we’ve decided there’s nothing to lose. What’s the worst thing that can happen, right? The doctor checks my shoulder out, and it just needs more time to heal, and our insurance company pays for an unnecessary visit? Ffs. M’s been paying for insurance for 13 years and has only used it twice. I think they can afford it.

I didn’t get to see ‘my’ doctor, so I haven’t met her yet. I’ll see her on the 16th when I get the first full physical I’ve had done since before I had my youngest child. I had two physicals when I worked at the mansion, but they were really just formalities, and only consisted of a TB test and bending over, which I’m sure is super safe and totally advisable when a person is going to be preparing and serving food in an adult living center. ~insert eye roll here~

ANYway, the woman who saw me is awesome. I mean, really, really awesome. She was supportive, and helpful, and concerned, and comforting, and…literally the only mean thing she said to me was, “I don’t care if you don’t like ice packs. Ice your shoulder.” It was wonderful.

The office staff was really nice, too. I got really frustrated and kinda weepy because they messed up my appointment time in the calendar and had marked me down as a no show (and I’m still on pain meds and my period started today), and the lady was totally understanding and blew it off like it was expected. It was a really great experience. That’s coming from a total doctor/stranger/people touching me-o-phobe, so that’s really saying something. I think I picked the right place.

Of course, there’s always the chance that my doctor is a total douche. We’ll see, I guess.

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