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30 Days of Kink: How open?

May 22nd, 2015

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How open are you about your kinks?

It really depends on what we’re talking about.

So like, my family knows I’m kinky. Not because I’ve ever sat down and discussed it with them, though. I’m just not very good at hiding things that I don’t think should have to be hidden. I mean, really, what difference does my sex life make to them? They don’t have to have sex with me, or sit in my bedroom while I’m having sex.

My sister knows about my website and has read some of it. We’ve talked about my ‘sordid’ past, and my current relationship. I think what it comes down to is I wanted someone in my family to know I’m happy and taken care of in my current relationship without having to be careful of the things I said. But it’s very clear she doesn’t get it. Which is fine. Some seasoned kinksters don’t get my relationship, so I didn’t expect her to.

My mom knows that I have a blog where I write about things related to sex and my sex life, but she knows that I value my privacy. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, what with me sitting here blogging about my sex life, but I use a pseudonym. I don’t use my real name anywhere on the Internet. So to find my site, my family would have to do a little bit of Internet acrobatics, and my mother is not at all technologically inclined. Like, she’s currently facing the possibility of having to find another job because she can’t grasp the six different computer systems she has to use for her current job. Regardless, to her that would be like searching my room for my journal (which she only did when I ran away), so even if she knew how, she wouldn’t.

My father, on the other hand…he was a professional spy until he retired, and I was a professional fuck up before I met Master, so it’s only natural (if highly fucking annoying and a little creepy) for him to have done those Internet acrobatics to find me. He’ s found literally every social media account I have, so he definitely knows how to find my website, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d found it before he found my social media accounts. Whether or not he’s read it, I don’t know. He won’t even admit he knows where it is, so it’s possible.

All of our friends know. I mean, to some extent. I don’t always go into detail, but I wear a collar 24/7. Pretty much all of them have gotten the courage to ask about it at some point. Our BFF’s brother wanted to know if M had a remote for it. Because apparently, he’s never seen a shock collar. Heh.

Obviously, the entire Internet-using world has the potential to know.

In person, when we’re out and about, I only talk about my relationship and/or sex life if the situation calls for it. Or if M makes some sex joke at my expense. Which he does. Often. Jerk. Lol.

I figure not everyone likes to discuss those things, especially in public, and I’m socially awkward enough without making it worse by talking about things that make people uncomfortable.

But if someone asks, they better be prepared for the answer. I’m not really one to hold back.

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