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Then he left me wanting.

May 18th, 2015

When he’d finished cumming, we both leapt from the bed. Cum doesn’t stay where it’s put very long in this house. If it’s not slurped up and swallowed, we both beeline for the bathroom to wash it off. As far as I’m concerned, cum’s great when it’s warm, and fresh from the spout, but when it starts to cool, it’s gag-worthy.

Luckily, Master agrees. Mostly because he’s a little OCD, and has issues with all sorts of things people aren’t ‘supposed to’ have issues with, but most of all, anything slimy, some things that are sticky, and pretty much everything that is considered ‘waste,’ bodily or otherwise.

There are a few exceptions, like the time he came all over me in that old cemetery we found, and made me leave it for the hike back to the car. Or the days that I just can’t be bothered to wash my hair, so I daub out as much as I can with a washcloth, and then leave the rest to dry.

In this case, the bed was drenched with cum and sweat and pussy, and that was all starting to cool, too. Just…ew. So when I was out of the shower, I yanked the sheets off the bed and put on fresh ones.

We climbed into bed, and as I snuggled in the fresh linens, Master said, “At some point, I’ll probably wake up and fuck you. You’d better spread your legs. …Or your ass.”

It wasn’t long before he was on top of me, yanking me into position, then climbing between my legs. And then his face was in my cunt, his tongue sending exquisite fire through my over-sensitive clit.

He ran his fingers over my asshole, then slid them in my cunt, once, twice, three times, and then slipped a finger inside my ass. It’s been about twelve years since the first and last time he put a finger in my ass. I had a brief moment of, “Omg, what is he doing?!” but I shoved it to the back of my mind, and allowed myself to enjoy it.

And he noticed.

“You like that,” he gasped, before dipping his tongue into my cunt again. “I can taste you, you little whore.”

I moaned and thrust my hips up to meet his mouth again as his finger thrust in and out of my anus. I was thrashing about when he removed his tongue and his finger and climbed up my body.

“I should mount your ass just like this,” he growled into my ear. “Make you cry before we go to sleep. What do you think?”

I didn’t miss a beat. I wanted his cock in my ass.

“Yes, Master!” I replied. I wrapped my arms around the backs of my thighs and pulled them closer to my chest to give him better access.

He held a finger in front of my face and said, “This one was in your ass.”

I sucked the finger into my mouth and sucked on it.

“Good girl,” he crooned into my ear.

It was my pussy he came in. Then he rolled off, and said, “Okay, you can go back to sleep, now.” leaving my ass and my clit completely unsatisfied, twitching and hungry for more.

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