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And here I thought kink was all about consent.

April 22nd, 2015 9 comments

On FetLife (requires login), the ‘kinky Facebook’, a woman (we’ll call her Woman) accused her owner (we’ll call him Man) of rape1. And before I even read any of the responses, I cringed. I considered clicking away and pretending it didn’t exist. I didn’t want to be witness to the bullshit I knew was going down.

God, that’s gross. That’s as bad as the 85% of Swedes who just walked by a decoy car in which a recording of a woman screaming for help was being played while the car trembled and shook as if the woman was being sexually assaulted. Eighty-five percent. Though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, considering Sweden leads Europe in reported sexual assault cases.

The story goes like this:

Woman was a slave. She withdrew her consent. Man, her ‘master’, had sex with her anyway. Read more…

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