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Kinktionary: RACK

March 13th, 2015

RACKRACK is one of a number of acronyms that are used as guidelines, of sorts, for BDSM play. Here’s how it breaks down:

R-A – Risk-Aware – Risk-aware, simply put, means that you’ve identified the risks involved in your kink and decided fulfilling the kink is worth the risk.

C – Consensual – This means that any and all interactions will not begin until everyone involved has consented to them, and will end the very second someone withdraws their consent. This also means that nothing will happen unless everyone has consented to it. Nothing means nothing. No touching, no hitting, no kissing…nothing unless and until you’ve been given permission.

K – Kink – A sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight. Just kidding! A kink is an ‘out of the ordinary’ act that you find sexually arousing. BDSM is a kink. Foot fetishism is a kink. Spanking is a kink. In this case, ‘kink’ is used as a heading meant to cover all unconventional sexual practices.

Many people prefer RACK over SSC because they feel RACK is less about policing the sex lives and relationships of consenting adults.

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