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On S.W.A.G. (Sex With A Grudge) and Murdering Vaginas

March 10th, 2015 2 comments

mi7gDc2IpRd3iWK-EcMDDwgIf you’ve ever been in a corner store in any urban area, you’ll notice there are a few constants. Cigars no one in their right mind would smoke1, alcohol, condoms, and male enhancement pills.

I mean, yay, we’re moving forward, huh? Condoms are now seen as something we need to be able to pick up anywhere2, so they’re available in all sorts of places, and they’re not overly expensive. Hell, in the 518 region, there are barbershops and coffee shops that always have free condoms on hand. That’s pretty bad ass, if you ask me. Most places even stock the giant ones because boys are ridiculous and don’t seem to understand that wearing condoms that are too big for their penises can actually increase the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Read more…