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Kintionary: SSC

March 6th, 2015
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You can buy this (from someone else) here.

SSC is one of a number of acronyms that are used as guidelines, of sorts, for BDSM play. Here’s how it breaks down:

S – Safe – Playing safely means identifying the risks involved in BDSM play, and taking care to avoid anything that may result in unintended injury. Ways of doing this can be preplanning play sessions, keeping first aid kits nearby, having an experienced dungeon monitor or spotter around, preparing for aftercare before the scene, among other things.

S – Sane – “Sane” can be interpreted two ways.

The first is that all people participating in BDSM must be of sound body and mind during a scene. This means no mind altering substances, like drugs or alcohol. Some also take this to mean that people who struggle with mental illness may not participate in BDSM unless and until they are able to control (for lack of a better word) their disability.

The second is that all actions in BDSM play must be considered “sane” regardless of desire or consent.

Some circles believe both interpretations of this particular word in this acronym are problematic because they are both used to police the lives and relationships of consenting adults. Besides that, the idea that people with mental illness are not allowed to make their own decisions regarding their sex lives and relationships is an extremely ableist attitude.

And for that matter, one need only spend five minutes on any social media platform (in any circle) to understand that people define “sane” very differently. For example, one person might think getting your tongue pierced is an act of insanity, while another person might think multiple tongue piercings are no big deal.

C – Consensual – This means that any and all interactions will not begin until everyone involved has consented to them, and will end the very second someone withdraws their consent. This also means that nothing will happen unless everyone has consented to it. Nothing means nothing. No touching, no hitting, no kissing…nothing unless and until you’ve been given permission.

Some call SSC a BDSM “rule,” but in truth, not everyone in the kink community agrees that SSC is the way to go. Some prefer to use RACK (will be defined next week) as their guide, while others prefer to eschew guidelines and let their own instincts, fetishes, and moral compasses be their guides.

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