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Holy shit! I did something right. For once.

January 7th, 2015

This red thing.

This red thing.

I was sitting at the computer, trying to catch up on JennaMarbles’ and Julien Solomita’s fuckery while M was on a conference call.

“I want you to get in the shower,” he said. I ignored him. I had no idea what he was saying. He was on a conference call. I figured he was talking to his coworkers.

“Did you hear me?”

I ignored him.

“Did you hear me?”

I ignored him.



“Did you fucking hear me?”


“I’m sitting here, all, ‘I want you to get in the shower. Did you hear me? Did you hear me?’ and you’re just ignoring me.”

“Oh. Sorry. So you want me to get in the shower?”


So I did. He was on a conference call, as I mentioned before, so I took a super long shower. I hadn’t shaved my legs or pits (I shave my pussy at least once a week unless I’m on my period) since…probably the beginning of Autumn. I wear pants all winter, even in the house (unless M keeps me naked), and Master always rushes me through showers, so I don’t always have time. And I really don’t care. It’s just hair.

I always thought I was shaving for M’s benefit until last night, when I passed the floor fan, and I could feel my leg hair blowing in the breeze. That shit? Yeah, that’s fucking annoying. So despite M interrupting my coveted cyberstalking time, I was actually glad I was going to have time to shave today.

When I got out, I started my self-care ritual; frizz serum and split end mender in my hair, lotion all over my body, pigtail braids. While I was braiding my hair, M came in and said, “I want you in your red thing, cuffs, and get your leash out. Don’t put it on. I’m gonna do that.”

There’s something about him clipping the leash to my collar that gets me every time. It’s just not the same when I do it.

Thing is, I fucking hate the red thing. I didn’t always, but lace (and especially lace that has any sort of elastic-y material in it) is itchy, damn it. And it’s just gotten more and more itchy with every washing. And then I’ve got all this flowy material getting in my way, and tripping me up, and getting stuck in weird positions, and…

I normally whine, or make a face, or complain. It’s HORRIBLE. A slave like me should just do what she’s told. Even if it’s something she doesn’t like.

Today, I bit back the complaint. I didn’t make a face.

He walked into the living room. I finished braiding my hair, and then followed him.

“Do you think maybe I could not wear the red thing? I’d prefer to just be naked. The red thing is itchy and annoying now.”

“But you’re gonna freeze!”

It is super cold today, and we’re trying to keep our bills low, so we’re not cranking the heat like we used to. But my friend Emma sent me this awesome throw that feels like a brand new teddy bear, all soft and snuggly, and I am absolutely in love with it.

“I’ll just use my blanket if I get cold.”

He kinda grinned at me.

“I suppose that’s fine,” he said.

Dude. I negotiated the right way. Imagine that.

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  1. Heaven
    January 11th, 2015 at 17:40 | #1

    That is awesome you got to negotiate what you wanted. The red thing looks cute but I am with you if it is not comfy I want it off. I hope you were nice and warm and you look cute sitting there all ready and waiting.

  2. RynJ21
    February 8th, 2015 at 23:08 | #2

    Go you! *applauds*

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