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10 Things I Love About 2014

December 31st, 2014

image10. Meeting new people online and off. We’ve met quite a few new people this year. It’s been pretty cool.

9. Allowing myself to feel. I’m a stuffer. I’ve always been a stuffer. Easier to stuff my emotions than to deal with them. This year, I decided it’s time to heal rather than pretend I have. It’s slow going, but I’m getting there.

8. Not having a job. In years past, when I’ve been between jobs, I’ve fretted about it nonstop. M’s paycheck has always mostly covered our bills, but I feel guilty about the onus being on him to support us. This year, I finally got it through my thick skull that this is what he wants, and just allowed myself to enjoy being free to do whatever he wants…even when that was just sitting in the backyard with the cats.

7. #BlackLivesMatter. It’s been really good to see Americans stand up for their rights and tell the government we will not stand for police overstepping their bounds without consequence anymore.

6. Rediscovering an old dream. I’ve always wanted to own some sort of store. Something cozy and homy that kept people coming back for the atmosphere. I wasn’t sure what I’d sell, or how I’d keep people coming through the doors. This year, I figured it out. We’re going to school for culinary in the Spring (hopefully…if not this year, then next. Depends on M’s job), and are hoping to save enough money to open a diner in the next 5-7 years. I’ve even got a bit of a plan brewing. It’s going to be awesome.

5. Finding a shred of confidence. I do this thing where I let everyone else’s moral compass convince me I’m a shitty person. This year, I realized that I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m not a shitty person. I just see things differently, is all. And if people can’t handle that, they know where the door is.

4. My mommy coming up to help with M’s back surgery. Things haven’t always been great between my mom and me. They’re still not perfect. There are things that happened between us that were never addressed, and things that were addressed, but only her side (yet, I’m the selfish one). But she still packed herself up and drove all the way up here so I wouldn’t have to deal with M’s surgery alone. And for that I am eternally grateful.

3. How much closer M and I have become. I never thought it possible. We’ve been best friends pretty much since day 1. Anyone who’s known us since the beginning would probably tell you there’s no such thing as “closer”. But there is. There definitely is. And it’s amazing. And I still love him more.

2. M making me go to the Buckcherry concert. We were going to skip it. My agoraphobia was through the roof, and I was in a bad mood, and my self esteem was in the toilet, and…I was sure that if someone so much as breathed in my direction, I was gonna get in a fight, and we were going to be tossed out on our ear. But then we got there, and Buckcherry got on stage, and Josh Todd did that thing he does where he ramps the crowd up into a frenzy. And it took all of five seconds to kill my bad mood. It was one of the best shows we’ve been to.

1. 12 years strong. M and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this year. Woohoo! Here’s to 12 more!

Happy new year everyone! If you don’t have someone to kiss at midnight, this year, blow a kiss our way, and we’ll blow one yours. Have fun tonight! And stay safe!

***Public Service Announcement

You all know how I feel about driving while intoxicated. If you don’t, and you’re curious, ask me about it and I’ll tell you what happened to my biological mother. So to make it a little easier on you to avoid it, I try to provide links to as many safe rides as I can. Here’s this year’s list:

If you’re partying in the Capitol Region in New York, or in New York City, you can get a free safe ride home on New Year’s Eve by calling 1-800-LAW-1010. “The Heavy Hitters,” Martin, Harding, and Mazzotti offer free cab rides every year, ’cause they’re awesome. Just call the number, and tell the operator where you are, and a cab will arrive shortly.

CDTA is offering free bus rides from 8pm Dec 31 until 1am Jan 1.

If you live outside of this area, or in another state, you can find a list of Sober Rides here. Some will even take you home in your own vehicle. Be sure to check the fine print before going out, though! Some have restrictions and fees.

I’m sure this list is nowhere near complete. Before you go out, please be sure to look up a safe ride near you and put the number in your phone, or jot it on your hand, or tattoo it on your hip, or something just in case you need it. We love you all, and we want you all back in one piece in the morning.

(P.S. No one pays me for this. Your safety is just that important to me.)

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    Awesome list. Culinary school sounds spectacular!

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