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I suck. I’m sorry.

December 2nd, 2014

I know…I know…

I said I was going to write, and then I didn’t even look at this site once while M was on vacation. I even skipped No Stupid (Kink) Questions with no warning. I suck for those reasons and so many more.

In my defense, those were New Year resolutions, so technically, I’m allowed to be as flakey as I fucking want to until January 1. Right? Right.

Speaking of flakey, I’ve emailed just about everyone I need to to tell them I’m being flakey again. I have excuses, but ffs. Excuses, amirite? There are some folks I missed. Here’s a quick update for those of you waiting on something from me:

Documents: My outgoing email is broken (again) and we really can’t figure out what’s causing it. If I don’t have to include a doc, I can just send via my iPad, but for some reason, when I attach a doc to my email on my Mac, it’s not continuing over to the iPad (which is most likely user error), so I need to send via my Gmail account, but I can’t remember the password, and I haven’t felt like dealing with the hassle of coming up with a new one. I promise I will do this soon. That’s a real promise, not a Flakey Rayne promise.

Packages: I have 2-3 packages that still need to go out. I have not forgotten you. I am a complete asshole, and I apologize. Finances have been tight, and M’s going through something (though I think he thinks I haven’t noticed), so I have been doing my absolute best to keep his stressors to a minimum by not asking if I can spend money we really don’t have on something I’ve been trying to take care of for months. But ffs, excuses. I will do my best to get them out this week. I still have to find a box for one of them so that I can schedule a pick up rather than make him take me to the post office.

Life would be so much easier if I had a license, but alas, unless he suddenly goes blind, that is just not in the stars. Which is just fine with me because I hate driving. HATE IT.

Reviews: These are all written in my head. I just need to get them on the computer screen…or finish the ones I’ve started, as the case may be. It’s looking like the fog is lifting, and this may be possible this week, but I’m not posting them all in one week. That’s just spammy. I’ll email you all with links to previews, publishing dates, and the link to use when they’re live just as soon as I have them.

Everyone: Thanks, truly, for your patience and support. I know I’ve been a dick. I’m sorry. 2014 has not been good to us. There has been a lot on my mind, and a lot we’ve needed to figure out, both personally and as a couple. Nothing detrimental to “us” because there’s just no such thing. But you know. Stuff.

Here’s to 2015 rocking hardcore, eh? ~clink~

Maybe we should have a New Year’s Twitter party. Who’s coming with me?

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  1. Heaven
    December 6th, 2014 at 20:53 | #1

    You don’t suck but it was good to see a new review from you lately. I have some started and in my head too but just can’t get them on the computer either. I hope you get back to yourself again. I will be around when you do.

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