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Sometimes, you just need to explode.

July 11th, 2014 4 comments

Through The Fire by Melen - click to enlarge

Through The Fire by Melen – click to enlarge

I have a really bad habit of screaming at Master over things that he has no control over.

This summer, as you know, has pretty much sucked. Master’s back has been out of commission, for the most part, since last September. There have been weeks that we haven’t left the house once because he was in too much pain. I’ve ordered more groceries than I’ve physically gone shopping for.

If you’ve known us long, you know this isn’t normal for us. We usually spend every nice weekend hiking, or camping, or riding our bikes (except last year, when we allowed ourselves to play the victim for a little while), or cooking out, or something. We even used to go to the farmer’s market every Sunday to pick up fresh picked everything, organic meats, and local wines and cheeses. We have done some cooking out, but not as much as we used to. We’ve been hiking twice in low impact areas. And we haven’t been to the farmer’s market once. Read more…

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