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The Hashtag Activism…It Burns It!

June 8th, 2014 4 comments

Ugh. Hashtag activism.

I would happily burn hashtags to the ground, these days, if I could. It started with #solidarityisforwhitewomen and has just escalated since then.

I think what’s getting to me most is watching people I respect get verbally beaten into submission in text on Twitter and various other social media sites, and it makes me want to cry. Or rear up with a mighty roar and tell the jackholes why their opinions and methods are stupid. (Yes, I called them a name, but not because they disagree with me. Because they are Bullies with a capital B. “Jackhole” fits.) But the people I respect are grown. They’ve gotta make their own decisions, and I’ve gotta respect that. So I keep my head down.

#YesAllWomen…I avoided the hashtag like the plague. I’ve avoided the conversation like the plague. I’ve tried, desperately, to bite my tongue. The morning it got big, Master told me that if I started talking to him about it, and it was obvious I disagreed with him, he was going to gag me. He’d seen a bunch of the more abusive tweets that were directed at specific men personally by women who didn’t know them, and was not going to sit and listen to his slave defend them.

And I don’t blame him.  Read more…