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#PSA – BLOGGERS PLEASE READ: Shady Advertisers Abound – UPDATED

June 4th, 2014 4 comments

So this is an email I sent today:

I was intrigued by your sites and proposition until I read this:

While I realize you likely get asked a lot about affiliate relationships please rest assured we are coming to you with a totally open mind of being a great business partner. With that in mind we would consider paying advertising or sponsorship fees as a way for you to get to know us. Of course we would deduct this from any commission we owe you but it does give you a total win/win solution.

So basically, you’re going to pay to advertise on my site, and then, if I choose to affiliate with you after the advertising period, you’re going to take the money you paid for that advertisement out of my commission? So you’re going to take back payment for services already rendered? I really can’t get down with that. Just doesn’t really define “great business partner” to me. Sorry.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding?

Rayne Millaray
Twitter: @RayneMillaray

Maybe a little bitchier than I had to be, but there it is. Read more…

On Ageism, and Keeping the Elderly “Old”

June 4th, 2014 2 comments

imageEvery year, M’s company has two parties.

One is called “Summer Fest,” and it’s for employees of all the CEO’s companies to get together with their families and have a good time. It’s usually outside, and scheduled around lunch time. For a while, it was at Great Escape in Lake George, but then they started opting for doing different things, like a cider farm with a petting zoo, and watching the local farm team play baseball.

The other is called “Winter Fest,” and it’s generally a business meeting with drinks and free food. They usually try to hold this party at restaurants in the city where they’re located as a way of giving back, and there’s always a raffle for the Schenectady City Mission. One year, they had a dinner theater. They made M be a Village Person and sing YMCA. It. Was. Awesome. Read more…

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