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Best. Orgasm. Ever.

April 3rd, 2014 2 comments

So I’m sitting on the couch, so engrossed in seed hunting on Amazon that I’m barely paying attention to the murder porn on TV. The show’s not even close to over. I figure I’ve got a few more minutes to decide which indeterminate tomatoes I want to grow. But Master turned to me and said, “Why don’t you go get in the shower?”

It’s late, so I know we’re not going anywhere. He wants me to wash up so he can make me all dirty again. It’s kinda his thing. Only this time, I’m gonna make me all dirty, too, because earlier in the day, I’d asked to use one of my toys.

Well, okay. “Asked” is giving me more credit than I deserve. I have a hard time with the asking, so I popped off an (I hoped) adorable little, “You should let me play with one of my toys, today,” complete with my head canted sideways and my knee swiveled in.

I shouldn’t be telling him what he should be doing, but this is actually an improvement. I started by masturbating without permission, then moved on to just not masturbating to avoid the humiliation of having to ask someone to pleasure myself. And in truth, the reason that I’m doing anything at all is because Master threatened to start throwing away toys if I didn’t. Starting with Tantus. For serious. Bastard. Read more…

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