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There’s always a collar on me.

February 27th, 2014 2 comments

CollarsLast night, I had to sleep without his collars. I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight since Master bought the smaller collar, so the chain gets caught under the steel. That mixed with sweat makes the perfect combination for a nice red collar embedded in my skin.

And then I dyed my hair again without taking my collars off. You can’t see it in that picture, but they’re both crusted in gritty plant goo. So the little bit of irritation turned into serious ouchieness.

Guess who’s back to calorie counting. For my next trick, I’ll be finding a beginner cardio program on YouTube, or something, because I can’t do more than ten minutes on the elliptical, and M can’t walk. He is finally giving in and going to the doctor tomorrow.

Who was it that said we weren’t gonna hibernate all winter anymore?

Yeah, she lied.

So Master says, as I’m going to bed, “You’re probably happy you can’t wear your collar. You’re gonna wake up all, ‘Mmm, no collars on my neck.'”

I started to protest, and he growled, “It doesn’t matter. There’s still a collar on you, bitch. There’s always a collar on you.”

As if there was any question.

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