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I might be a little twisted.

February 26th, 2014 3 comments

MeSo, this weekend, we argued. And I’ve restricted myself from DMs on Twitter, and any other private conversations (except for email, so if you need to discuss something with me privately, drop me a line at rayne [AT] insatiabledesire [DOT] com) because Master’s got one simple rule that I ignore constantly about private messages.

Basically, I have to ask permission before talking to people privately. Specifically men, and mostly because I used to get myself into conversations I shouldn’t be in without realizing where the conversations where heading (which only makes a difference because I was never actively looking to flirt, I’m just dumb when it comes to recognizing flirting for what it is), but he always wants to know what I’m talking to anyone about. He figures it’s his right as my owner, and he’s right. And I talk to him about pretty much everything, anyway, because we don’t do secrets and he’s my best friend, so even without the rule, I’ll eventually tell him.

I don’t really follow conversations into dangerous zones when I’m talking to women privately (even gay women), so if anyone’s being discriminatory (someone once accused him of that), here, it’s me. But if I’m to be honest, I must say I’ve never had a problem with women (even gay women) trying to drag me into conversations I shouldn’t be in. It’s always men.

Master knows I’ve restricted myself from DMs, but in truth, it was my idea, because it’s easier to just take the temptation away. I’m not trying to just ignore his rule on purpose, or pull one over on him. That would completely negate our dynamic, and indicate a much larger problem. What it comes down to is, I feel weird ignoring people until he answers me, or altogether if the answer is no, so I…just talk to them.

Apparently, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that not being impolite to other people was more important than following his orders. As if I think that, for even one second, he would care more about his reputation as my owner and husband (my behavior reflects on his training, his morals, and his manners) than whether or not I do as I’m told. Read more…

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