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So let’s talk about “true” slavery…

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Every once in a while, I see one of the kinky elite blathering on about the definition of “true” slavery. This person isn’t really a slave because they won’t let their owner control their money. That person isn’t really a slave because they’ve got a safe word. This person isn’t really a slave because they don’t have to listen to any dominants except their own (wut?). That person isn’t really a slave because they’re allowed to leave the house alone.

It’s the most fun when people who purport themselves as mentors make snide comments on fetish forums about beginners and people who don’t define slavery the way they do.

Cuz see, here’s the thing: everyone defines consensual slavery differently. And while Brennan’s (unisex name snatched out of the ether—and probably heavily influenced by our recent interest in Bones—and used for the sake of clarity going forward…forget about Brennan. There is no Brennan.) definition might not match ours, or be what works for us, that doesn’t mean Brennan’s commitment to their owner is any less valid or slavelike than our commitment to our owners. It literally only means that Brennan’s owner has different expectations for them than our owners have for us…or that Brennan went into the relationship with stipulations, and their owner saw fit to allow them. Ultimately, it’s none of our business, since we’re not Brennan or Brennan’s owner. And as human fucking beings lacking magic label wands, we don’t get to tell Brennan or Brennan’s owner what to call their dynamic. Read more…

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