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Am I supposed to be flattered?

February 6th, 2014 6 comments

You can't see me!

You can’t see me!

Sometimes, I wish I’d never put my city and state on Fetlife or Twitter. Especially with the recent influx of people searching Fetlife and Twitter by location. My profile leads with “Writer. Editor. Sex, politics, rock&roll.” I might as well have “Sexually harass me, please!” in my bio.

It usually starts innocently enough. Dude (always the bro type) searches Twitter for chicks in the area surrounding them. Dude finds chick with a pretty face. Dude sees sex in the bio. Dude tries to keep his banter light, but chick says she likes sex in her bio! Chicks who like sex are awesome. Chicks who like sex want to discuss THEIR sex in great detail. Chicks who like sex will do anyone! Right? RIGHT?!

And this is about where they stop reading the bio…and lose their f’ing minds.

There’s something about knowing a woman is into sex that emboldens (some) men. It’s as if they think that just because a woman enjoys sex, and is open about her enjoyment, she’ll do anyone, enjoys being hit on, loves male attention, WANTS ALL OF THE MEN AND ALL OF THE SEX ALL OF THE TIME. Read more…