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Sex Toy Shaming and Bigoted Wise Cracks, FTW!

January 16th, 2014 4 comments



It started with a tweet. Erin Gloria Ryan, news editor for Jezebel, tweeted a “great last minute gift.”

It was, of course, a joke. Unless you work for a sex toy company, or have a personal relationship with your boss, you probably wouldn’t buy him a sex toy. But whereas it would be a “haha, funny” joke if *I* told it, because I’m all about sex toys for all genders, it turned into a very not funny joke when David Covucci, a writer for BroBible, requested some Tenga toys for review.

As is usually the case, I found out about the sitch from yet another tweet. Nerve published an article chastising Ryan for her characterization of men who use sex toys, and I followed links to the review. (He also talks about it in a podcast, here. It’s full of nervous laughter and back patting, and around 6:39, he reiterates that sex toy users are weird, and using sex toys is a weird thing to do. Apparently, sex toy users=Quagmire on Family Guy. By the time they segued into sports, I felt a little sick to my stomach. The things I do for you…)

The review begins:

Up until seven days ago, I’d never stuck my dick inside anything other than a woman. Thirty years of living good, the only contact my penis having outside of my own hand being that of another human.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that anymore.

Because last week, I received a bunch of plastic sex toys from Japan—toys meant to recreate the feelings of blowjobs and intercourse—and fucked the shit out of them.


I feel so much shame right now.

And by the end of the second sentence, I was refilling my cup of coffee and settling in for a sex-toy-related ragefest to end all sex-toy-related ragefests. Because if there’s one thing about society and sex toys that pisses me off, it’s the shame and ignorance surrounding them. A close running second is the douchebags (of all genders) who perpetuate and reinforce that shame and ignorance. Read more…

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