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Product Review: Plunge Paddle by @Tantus

January 15th, 2014

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Ooo, what’s that?

Plunge is on the left. Pictured here to compare to the Wham Bam. (Click to enlarge.)

Plunge is on the left. Pictured here to compare to the Wham Bam. (Click to enlarge.)

They’ve been talking about it for months, and I was dying to get my hands on one. I mean, a silicone paddle with a handle made for fucking? Seriously? Your damn right I want it.

That there’s the Plunge Paddle by Tantus. And…I’m kinda so/so on it. Bleh.

What’d it come in?

The paddle came in a clear plastic bag with a Tantus tag hanging from the hole in the handle.

How’s it made?

Of course, the Plunge Paddle is made of 100% pure platinum silicone. It’s Tantus! So far, it only comes in black. It’s about thirteen and a quarter inches long, all told. The paddle head makes up six and a quarter inches of that length, leaving seven inches for the handle. The Tantus site says six of that is insertable, but you could probably get all seven in if your vagina is that long. The diameter of the handle at its widest point is one and a half inches, and the paddle head is three inches wide.

Your measurements may vary slightly, of course, because Tantus toys are handmade. If you carry a big purse or a backpack, this paddle would easily disappear inside.

What’s it for?

Fucking yourself or a partner. Or using your partner as a paddle holder when switching impact toys. “Don’t move, darling. Wouldn’t want to drop the paddle.”

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
knob is great for g-spotting
excellent for impact play
easy to care for
hardly any learning curve
hole in the handle
a little floppy
holding the paddle to fuck yourself or a
partner is a little awkward
M doesn’t like the dildo handle…spoil sport

I really wanted to like everything about this paddle. I mean, it’s Tantus, and I love Tantus. Plus, a paddle with a fuckable handle? Neat! But there are a few things that could use some tweaking. Mostly with the handle.

For starters, it’s kinda floppy. The insertable part, itself, is firm, and the knob on the end could be great for g-spot stimulation, but the dildo terminates into a much thinner section before moving on to the paddle head. The thinner silicone is, the more floppy it is. And since the head is so large, it kinda flops around.

M doesn’t seem to have a problem paddling me with it, despite the floppiness. However, it does kinda make it hard to use this toy as a dildo. It’s kinda like when you’re fucking a semi-hard penis, and one or both of you moves the wrong way, and it folds in half, usually resulting in a lot of pain for the penis wielder, and sometimes a lot of pain for the orifice the penis is penetrating. Plus, you kind of have to hold the paddle head to fuck yourself or your partner with it, which is kind of awkward; especially with it flopping around.

The hole…I mean, I know people like to have a way to hang their impact toys, but the hole is just a really bad idea. I can’t think of any other way to achieve this, except maybe a removable silicone strap, or something. Maybe the part that went around the handle would be a tight silicone ring that would fit under the knob on the end? I dunno.

Turns out, the fuckable part of this toy was always going to be a flop for M. This was news to me, but we’d never really discussed this type of toy before. We own one other impact toy made to be inserted (Icicles No. 38 by Pipedream), and he hates the handle, but I figured it was just that handle. I mean, it’s glass, so it has no give. And what’s with all those crazy veins going every which way? I can see that being really uncomfortable when you’re whipping someone. But there’s more to it than that.

M was not always the pussy aficionado he is today. I mean, he was a good lay, but there were things he wouldn’t do (at least, not often) because it squicked him out. Oral sex wasn’t really his thing. He didn’t really like putting his hands in my cunt. And sometimes the tiniest bit of ejaculate was enough for him to lose the mood.

I don’t fault him for it, and I’ve never taken offense. It had nothing to do with the fact that the fluids he was avoiding came from my vagina. He was squicked out by pretty much all fluids that weren’t…you know…water. He’s even got a bit of an issue with his own semen. There’s very little cuddle time post-coitus because he’s up and in the bathroom cleaning up. It’s just one of his quirks that I have learned to live with in the hopes that he’d eventually get over it. Because man, do I love fingers in my pussy. Especially his fingers.

In recent years, he mostly has gotten over it. Part of it is the hours upon hours we’ve spent exploring each other’s bodies. There were nights we started at 5pm, and didn’t finally collapse—dehydrated, sated, and raw—until 5am. Of course, during one of those sessions, I ejaculated in his face. At that point, you have to decide whether you’re going to take it in stride, and get over your issues, or embarrass the shit out of your cum-shy partner and risk her never ejaculating again, in your face or otherwise.

M handled it like a champ, and just like that, he was mostly over his fluid issues. He still gets squicked, from time to time, and he still runs to the bathroom after sex to get washed up, but I dunno that I’ve ever been finger banged so much in my life.

So, naturally, the dildo on this paddle is lost on him. He says (and I’m paraphrasing at best), “I don’t understand why people stick their impact toys in orifices. It gets the handle all slick, and then you’re chancing the toy going flying. How’s that sexy?”

Sadly, M says the handle on the Plunge is really uncomfortable to hold when paddling someone, too. But he has massive hands, we think he might have fibromyalgia, and he types all day, so what’s comfortable for him is usually different from what’s comfortable for others.

My single annoyance with silicone is it’s impossible to get all the lint and watermarks off for pictures. The watermarks are less worrisome when using the Plunge Paddle for its intended purpose, but I’d keep some wipes handy to wipe it down between using it as a paddle and using it as a dildo if you have animals.

We have the Wham Bam and the Plunge. These paddles aren’t the best choice for a light paddling, but can be used as such in the right hands. M has whacked me lightly with them a couple times. But he’s a gigantic sadist, and so since he can make it really hurt, he does. In fact, lately, these paddles are really the only things that bruise me.

Over all do we like the Plunge paddle? Yeah, we do. M doesn’t mind the floppiness in the handle when he uses it. He’s willing to give up a little comfort for a toy that allows him to exert phenomenal sadistic powers, and it certainly does that. But if it were my product, I’d definitely tweak it a bit.

Anything else I should know?

There is a little bit of a new shower curtain smell when you receive this toy, which completely threw me off guard. I’m not used to my Tantus toys smelling at all. Jenna says it’s the releasing agent they use to keep the silicone from sticking to the mold. It washed off the first time I washed it, and hasn’t returned.

Before using any impact tool on another person, you should always test it out on yourself or a piece of furniture to get used to the way it swings, and the amount of pain it can cause. M jokes that it’s so he knows how much he’s hurting me, and it is, but more so he doesn’t damage me by mistake.

Because this paddle is silicone, care’s easy peasy. Use non-abrasive antibacterial soap, or a 10% bleach/90% water solution. Boil it or drop it in the top drawer of your dishwasher (no soap please!). If you get gunk in the hole, take a Q-tip to it. Then just drop it in the box in which you store your quality silicone.

Where’d ya get it?

Tantus sent me the Plunge Paddle free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Tantus is, by far, my favorite brand of dildos. They’re pretty great with kink toys, too. And butt plugs.

Metis Black had this idea that people might like to have safe, artistic sex toys. And boy, was she ever right. All of the Tantus toys are body safe and hypoallergenic. And they look and feel good, too.
Tantus Couple's Toys

Behind the scenes…

Why is it they always feel the need to be involved? (Click to enlarge.)

Why is it they always feel the need to be involved? (Click to enlarge.)

  1. Heaven
    January 15th, 2014 at 23:35 | #1

    Sorry to hear it was not all you expected it to be. I still have yet to try mines.

  2. Camryn
    January 16th, 2014 at 09:11 | #2

    I’ve heard that the Plunge paddle is suitable for beginners, but clearly it can hold its own for impact play-happy couples like you two <3 I am impressed! It's too bad the dildo part isn't really M's thing, but it has that hole in it, so inserting it is iffy anyway.
    Awww, kitties! Look at the fluffy dears, hanging out with the paddles. *smiles*

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